Monday, April 9, 2012

Edwardian and Titanic Fashion Inspiration

With the 100th Anniversry of the sinking of that wonderous ship the Titanic, the whole costuming world seems to be ablaze with Edwardian fashion ideas. I cannot say that I am an expert in Edwardian fashions, and indeed the costume I eeked out is not very fabulous compared to some. But I have enjoyed researching the era and rounding out my Edwardian ensemble I plan to wear on the 14th of April.

I have been very pleased with the patterns people have put out in honor of the anniversry, that otherswise would not have been. I also love the resources you can now download via e-book on both the Sensibility website and the WearingHistory website. Indeed there has been such an overflowing amount of research that has been stacking up in my room, I felt compelled to put all in a notebook:
Inside I have all sorts of patterns and research articles:
Below: Folkwear's Edwardian Underthings pattern, which is an old pattern. I found this one at weaving show actually, in a corner of old books. I paid $10 for it!
This is a new pattern from Wearing History which was just released. If you buy it before the 14th, you can download a FREE e-book on actual fashions and sewing techniques from the period. I LOVE MY COPY! I seriously poured over it for 5 hours.
Anyway, the pattern is for a 1910's Blouse and Guimpe. Haven't used it, but it looks great!
Here is a glimpse at Jenny Chancey's wonderful free resource she put together. You can get it at

For the memorial, I will be wearing my Edwardian dress I remade recently, but I now have made a belt and ............. I experimented and made a lace sailor collar!
I used the graphics from Wearing Histories e-book download that I got for free when I purchased the Blouse pattern.

My lace sailor collar Front and

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  1. I'm impressed you made an entire scrap book!


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