Sunday, May 6, 2012

Old-School Style-Turning a Collar

In which I turn a collar

 My beloved Uncle is in his 60's and he is very special to our family. He is actually the one who gets me most of my dolls! Every Christmas for a long time we bought him these special corduroy shirts from JCPenny's. However, a few years ago they stopped selling them, and his precious shirts are now worn out dreadfully. 
He brought me this yellow  shirt some time ago and asked me to "Turn the collar". I am ashamed to say, that with all my knowlegde of historical sewing, I didn't know what he meant! I waited awhile, rather scared of trying, and then asked him what he meant. He told me I needed to remove the collar and then flip it to the other side and sew on. At first I was confused, thinking I had to flip the collar inside out, but in actuality, I turned the whole collar so instead of the back of it facing down, the back faced up (touching the neck!) and the worn side was turned under, hidden. Ingenious? I think so! So, give it a try. In this age of buying new things when something tears or needs to be "turned", this is a great way to make your closet stretch.

First with a seam ripper, CAREFULLY remove the collar of the garment and flip, so the non-worn side faces up..
Be Careful not to tear the collar in the worn spots when removing it from the garment.
Here you can see the utterly worn-through area of the old right side, now backside of my Uncle's collar.

Next, put the collar back into the garment and stitch. Turn down, hiding the thread-bare areas.
This is the front! No worn areas!

Here is the underside, showing the worn areas which are hidden!
 Very simple, very thrifty, and very satisfying! 

Man, I feel old school!
Have a great day!


  1. Brava, Lexi! I've done this. Can be reinforced to keep the "raggedy" side from getting worse. Cuffs can be handled similarly. Both can be replaced. When you can darn socks and turn collars, you have some real old fashioned skills.
    Oh, and turning the actual fabric has been done, too. Consider Mrs. Bob Crachitt in her twice turned gown! Taking apart an entire garment at the seams, turning the faded side in and re-sewing it was very common. This, I have not done! :)

  2. What a neat idea! I probably would have thrown out a shirt like that, but you saved it!(: I'll have to keep this method in mind!