Monday, September 24, 2012

Boning the 1700's Stay

The Stays are in the process of being boned...BONED...I am tired of boning!
Uhmm. Yes, as you can tell by my attitude, I am about ready to be done with the boning! It has been going on for days-probably since I have two other projects going on, but I am ready to be done with boning!
 The Channels have been sewed along with the bones being put in, so I have had a sort of non-conventional boning party all week long. 
Usually all the boning channels should be stitched, then all the bones put in, but I am doing a weird tango of sorts-stitch, bone, stitch, bone. (In addition, most of the plastic cable ties have had to be removed, and their ends melted with a candle, so as to not poke through the fabric.)

The white lining has changed quite a bit since the channel were sewn. I think it looks neat!
(The underside of the stays)

I think these stays are a kind of milestone in my sewing. I started sewing as a newbie for my doll Gwendolyn nearly 5 years ago. I have barely gone a week without sewing since then. Most  times I sew at least once a day. 
But I feel very proud when I look at these.

Very happy God has given me the ability to sew!

P.S  This is my second post for today, so if you haven't already, check out my earlier post below!


  1. Is this the JP Ryan pattern you were talking about? How is it? I was thinking of buying it, but I want to make sure it's a good pattern to work with (clear instructions, easy to follow, etc.).

    By the way, the stays are looking great! :-)

  2. Lovely! I think boning adds such a cool look to stays...(: it does take forever, though! And I was lazy when I tried it...not at all historically accurate!

    Oh, and I actually made my own pattern, in reply to your question on my blog. Instructions are here, in case you're interested: