Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My favorite Cable ties....(Boning in focus)

Cable ties...... I really appreciate cable ties! They are handy, cheap and sturdy. And if you don't mind that they are plastic (and thus inaccurate for historical wear) they are perfect for all your projects. What can I say? They are so great! Granted, one might argue in favor of feather weight boning from Joannes if you were to go the plastic route anyways. But cable ties have one major advantage that featherweight boning does not, it is straight! The featherweight boning I have seen is usually rolled up in a ball and has a tendency to curl on me. Does anyone have the same problem? (The other major advantage is that cable ties can be much stronger depending on which size you buy!) So, unless you need to be historical (which is fine-there of some times it needs to be accurate) I would suggest Heavy Duty Cable ties for all your heavy-bonning needs! 
Especially if you are new to corsetry. Some day I will buy real metal boning, and I am sure it will be a high light in my life, but for now I use cable ties, and am very happy! The great thing about these 24in Heavy Duty ties, is they are so strong, long and wide. They give lots of support! I don't feel like I need metal bones. Does anyone else like Cable ties for boning?
I buy mine at Harbor Frieght-10 (1 pack) for $1.50 (on sale-the go on sale frequently).
My Dad and I bond at the hard ware store buying cable ties and grommets (the ones for masts and sails!)
Hope you all are well!



  1. Hmm...I was wondering where to buy cable ties! I think they're great for boning, but I couldn't find any long enough online, so I was grateful to be able to get some from my mother! They're super, duper sturdy, and they're also comfortable.


  2. Cable ties! Glorious cable ties! It's ridiculous what JoAnn Fabrics charges for boning! 2 yards for $5? It's so much cheaper to use cable ties and they work just as well.

    I did have the same issue with boning where it kept rolling up. I usually had to iron it a couple of times before it started to lie flat.

    My dad helped me pick out my first heavy duty cable ties too. I think the pack I bought was less than $5 from Lowes (can't remember the exact price though).

    I've been reading a little tip lately on cable ties. I've heard that after cutting the cable ties, you melt the ends with a candle to make the edges smooth. I haven't tried it personally, but I think I'll try it out.