Friday, January 11, 2013

Civil War Dress Sketch Idea

Another idea  for my dress construction. 
I worked on this during our Bible Study tonight. =) I find that sketching actually helps me listen more attentively. I sometimes even have my Sunday School kids draw or color during service to keep their hands busy and their ears attentive. Funny, but it works with most of them!

The sleeves on this sketch  were more typical of the 1840's, but I decided that I'm not sewing a dress of silk with sleeves I do not like. So, it has the sleeves with a tight upper part, and a puffed lower section. That is a firm definite about the dress, whether other aspects change, the sleeves stay.
The trims along the princess seam-lines and around the lower skirts will be of a tasseled kind, which are cream and will contrast the brown fabric. 
The outfit will be a two piece, which was decided so I can get a better fit around the waist. The blouse/top may end in a double point, as shown. I found many examples from museums with that design, and one of the garments had tassels dangling from each point.
The wide collar is so I don't choke like I did with my second Civil War dress I made. The wide collar can be seen in some authentic dresses, so i feel okay about that.

I hope you enjoyed this! I should go to bed now!

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  1. Looks good to me! I think you'll find that many of those dresses were two piece. I'm no expert, though. :)