Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Portrait of Time

 Oh magical Days of Summer, when garage sales abound, and treasures are sold for pennies!
Oh magical Days of Rummaging, when history is discarded only  to be found by seeking eyes.
I will never know the name of this family, but I will always now, know their faces.
Who could forget such a fabulous and intriguing foursome?
Who too, can tell who they were, since their names are now lost in time?
I could not let someone's family, dear and beloved as they MUST have been (one can tell the elder lady was just precious by her face) sit in a garage, dusty and uncared for.

To me, I call them the Hudsons: Mr and Mrs Hudson are on the far right, their daughter Alicia Hudson and her presumed fiance-Alec Cunningham on the left. I fancy that Alicia and Alec have had but a short courtship and will marry withen the year.
The year you say? What is the year? I did carefully take the backing from the frame (to prove two things-1. that it is a real print-and it was! 2. To see if there were names and dates)and discovered there were no clues except the photo was taken in Michigan. I am guessing this is pre-titanic era. 1908? 1910? Will we ever know, I am not sure.

Strangest of all was that this dear lady's small print, was sitting near the frame of the family.
Look at her hair and TWO cameos. Her portrait was obviously a few decades prior to the main photo.
I don't even know if she was related. The woman running the sale knew nothing of either this small print or the larger print.

Oh history-how glorious it is to turn back your pages.
But sometimes, your pages are not as full as we would hope.
That is when History becomes a..........mystery.

Your ever curious blogger,

P.S For those who would want to see, here is an original photo I took before I went crazy on :

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