Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Regency Dress for Rachel

 As some of you know, I will be going to England in September with the Sensibility Pattern Tour group!
In early January, when I signed up, I asked Jenni Chancey, our Pattern Queen and Tour Guide, if I could be paired up with another girl to make the trip oversees. 
That is how I met the most incredible friend, Rachel.
It was not long until Rachel and I became very good friends, and with our Plane Tickets having been purchased, we turned to more exciting endervours-our wardrobe for the Jane Austen Festival Promenade and Ball.
It was for the Bath 2013 Grand ball which promoted Rachel and I to plan a fabulous gown for herself!
She sent me the materiel and (God Bless her she has a lot of trust in me!)  said to go for it-do what I want.
So, after a month of sewing CAREFULLY, taking my time and fiddling to no end, here it is.
For a full run down, and a look at the back-watch this video!

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