Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jane Austen Costumed Promenade Dress!

 Well, Hello Readers!
I have less than 2 months before I fly to England to attend the Bath Jane Austen Festival.
I will be going with the Sensibility Pattern Tour!
After finishing Rachel's Dress, I have been working on my Promenade Dress! It consists of my white drawstring dress I made using this pattern
After that dress was finished months ago-I knew I needed a spencer jacket. I bought fabric cut it out-all was well, until I spilled glue all over from a project I was doing at the same time. I was in the middle of making my fake American Duchess shoes-watch video here -alas and the glue I was using to attach trim RUINED my Spencer!!!!!
I was basing if off this Spencer I found on Etsy. (I could not find the actual link to it-so if this was yours, comment and I'll give you credit!)
Isn't it lovely?

Well, with my spoilt fabric, I was crushed. Spent a whole night worrying with no sleep-yes I get emotional over fabric-please pass the kleenex lol!
Then the next day-the 4th, dawned bright and beautiful and Emily and I went to our local Thrift Store sale-and the heavens OPENED!!!
Or at least so it seemed to me! God was in it though- I know He was. He cares about my worries and provided for me in His typical way-via drapes in the Linen department. I will not tell you the amount I paid for two curtain panels,  but needless to say it was a pittance, and 1/2 off that!
With so very much more fabric than expected, I decided to make a Pelisse (or long jacket- with the same style as the original inspiration piece!)
I do not claim 100% Historical Accuracy, indeed I made the decision before hand to take inspiration from a variety of repro's and existing era garments, and throw my own ideas in the mix. The result is something I am IN LOVE with.
I spent bunches of time on details-pipping, lining, wide collar, decoration, fitting and  stripe matching.
The pattern I basically drafted my self.


 Dips down to a V-shape.
Collar is pipped to contrast white gown underneath.
Inspiration for shawl collar
Inspirtation for v-neck

Here are the dog-leg closures.

Back of Bodice with wide collar and back detail.
Pelisse Back Inspiration 

Front View
again-with sleeve

(The fact that most pelisse's didn't have a puffed upper sleeve, doesn't mean they were not used-link- my upper sleeve is a bit longer, that is all)

 Upper Sleeve decoration inspired by the green repro spencer!
(Notice pipping!)
 Tab is in-cased in sleeve seam.

 Under sleve view!

Better Sleeve view showing it with the rest of garment


The skirt is where I deviated from reg.  Pelisse's. I want a cut-away, halfway-round skirt! I thought it was dashing, but this type of skirt was used in 1790's over gowns, not typically in Pelisse's. 
I made the choice because I liked the look! 

Here you can see how the skirt falls from the bodice.

Observe the skirt lining!

The skirt is deeply pleated-such a nice look, and neater than any gathers I could have made!
Do you think I should add trim on the bottom edge?

Bonnet and Bag
For futher details, I remade an old bonnet, and fashioned a purse!
LOVE how it came out!
The purse is special. Have you ever seen those roll pillows?
Like this:
I have had one on my hope chest for years, and it did not go with my room decor at all. Last night I was looking at it, and became aware it went with my Pelisse! 
I took scissors to it, cut off one end, unstuffed it and trimmed a few inches off, till I had a limp sack the depth I wanted the purse to be (granted , I allowed 2 inches to be turned over for a drawstring). 
What I held in my hand was a sack with a round bottom, all pipped so prettily!
It was just a matter of turning the edge and making the casing, threading a ribbon through it, and adding trim!
What do you think?

Ta da!

Here is the round bottom.
I can hold my cash, a lipstick and my camera in there while we walk around Bath during the festival.

Much Love,
My wonderful friend Theresa, is knitting me a special shawl by hand! Will post that when it is done!
Love you!

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  1. It's beautiful, Lexi! You did a wonderful job with this! I love the fabric you chose as well as the style. The festival sounds like it will be marvelous! :D

    Decked Out in Ruffles