Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Saige Review....

 It is not always the best thing to have an American Girl Doll of the year from your state because of the off-chance she turns out to be boring or uninteresting.
When I first saw the Saige Movie trailer I thought (with horror) that AG was going Disney Channel on me (i.e with the girl dancing and singing on stage with all the flair of Highschool Musical knock-off)
If you watch the below (even if you have already seen this-you will get my point)
It was sorta a bummer. "Great! They released a NM doll-
OH NO-her movie has no substance! I mean she saves an art program-not exactly like Chrissa Maxwell who faced bullies. AG is getting more into entertainment than lessons and history."
That is something along the lines of what I was thinking.
Then-around August-I finally sat down-gritted my teeth for the worst-and watched it.

And I loved it.
Yes it was a bit cheesy-but I loved the plotline between Saige and her grandma. 
It touched me so much more than the art plot-line.
I cried-because Mimi was such a strong character who was truly as much of a hero (to me at least) as Saige was.

Needless to say-after my Mother and I dried tears (no joke-it reminded me of the time I watched Happy Feet) we went straight to the AG website and drooled over the doll.
I think this is the closest actress/doll match-up AG has done before. Saige looks so much like the actress who plays her in the movie.
So-after that long ramble-(and I apologize once and for all about my first misgivings about the character of the doll to all you Saige fans) her she is-newly opened for my birthday!
 (BTW-this is my review of both doll and her meet accessories-purchased separately)

My FAVORITE things about the doll are the details. Maybe it is the fact that I am an adult-but I feel -as time goes by-that I am more drawn to the details in AG dolls. I think that is why AG dolls fascinate grown woman-because there is so much thought put into each character.  
Her unusual  eye/hair color combo  paired with those freckles make me happy!
Her hair seems easy enough to take care of. That said-my Saige will keep her original hair style in, so I am not the one to ask for a review about her hair!

Those strappy boots with buckles are  way cooler than black plastic shoes!

And her twisty hair-do is very artistic and true to Saige's creative personality. 

But the Indian jewelery is the particular weakness of mine. (her turquoise ring does come with the doll- but not the necklace or bracelet) Saige has such lovely jewelry. 
She has a coral bracelet...

 And a turquoise ring and necklace.
I would like to point out that although this type of jewelry is popular in NM (this coming from a girl whose family has lots of Indian Jewelry passed on from generation to generation) you don't typically see it worn on children. When my sister Emily became a teenager she started wearing a turquoise-stone/silver plate watch-and when we were infants we each an Indian bracelet-but children in the SW very rarely wear jewelry in this style. You see it on more adults-especially older adults.
However-I so totally wish more NM kids would start this habit-because it is so cute. 
The whole NM theme and culture presented in the movie is so very heart-warming and enchanted-but is stretched a bit far.  Unfortunately, NM is not that picturesque! 
I wish is were!

The bag also comes in the meet accessories- and while it is cute-
I feel it is too small. It makes a nice statement though.

 All in all-I think the Saige doll and meet accessories get a 4 out of 5 stars.
I would like to mention that although the coral bracelet is so amazing and realistic-it is super HARD to get on. 
Most children (and some adults) will simply not be able to get it on without breaking it.
So be careful!



  1. Saige is adorable! I love all the details too.(:

    decked out in ruffles

  2. Do you know if Saige's ring would be accurate for Josefina? I'm tempted to find one for mine.


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