Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let it Snow...

 Recently Caroline had a green gown made for her out of my Civil War Dream Dress remnants.
Paired with a red velvet cloak and white fur hat-she has been waiting for the cold weather to hit-patiently wearing her warm-weather outfit-just in case.
Caroline is the doll that I  bring with me places, and she is never far from my side suring the day.
I have many dolls- but Caroline is my lil friend.
So when the snow hit-we headed out-of-doors as soon as we could.

Snow doesn't happen like this in NM.
So we siezed the moment.

xoxox Lexi


  1. Caroline looks beautiful. I'm trying super hard to resist her. Ruthie is my Regency-obsessed girl so she's taking over Caroline's collection.


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