Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ice Blue Civil War Dress Part 2

Some new photos of the dress as it was while I was working on it a few days ago...

 This update is the last you will see of the Ice Blue Civil War Ballgown until the profession photos are ready and sent to me!
My boy cousin Liam-who is a great photographer and owns an epic camera, and I went went out to the Bosque in down-town Albuquerque last week to have a photo-shoot.  
I really appreciate the fact that he offered to do this, as there is nothing worse to have awful photos  of an awesome dress that took tens of hours to make.
We spent 3 hours weeding through the barren brush, climbing over logs, and making our way to the Rio Grande to take pictures as the sun set. 
That was some serious climbing to do in a corset, hoop skirt and ball-gown.
We had an epic cousin-bonding session.
Liam is 20 and studies at UNM, but I think he will go on and become a professional photographer-regardless of whatever degree he gets, or doesn't get. He has natural talent.

 Onto the awful in-progress photos...
The dress you see here is more together than it was last time I updated you-but it is incomplete-because the bertha collar is not on it.
I have added so many details to this dress- you would not believe it!
It looks good here, but it looks better now that it is finished.

 I am really proud of how it turned out..the bodice had to be ripped apart after its completion-to be rebuilt-so the bodice you see here actually underwent a brutal murdering and reconstruction to reach this state!
I know this post doesn't go into sleeve close ups- (the sleeves gave me more trouble than the bodice!) or show my awesome hand-sewn eyelets-but it will have to do for the time being.


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