Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Life in January


 Well, lots has happened in just the few days of 2014. My professional photos of my blue Civil War gown are still being processed by my very particular cousin.
But I have some small tidbits and updates for you all now.

1. My Father started a new job the day after Christmas. A very much hoped for job-at a very much needed time! He is working for a native-owned computer company and has been bringing home gorgeous pieces of art!

2. After years of being out of dance, I have started back up. There was a lot of debate about what type of dance to begin again with-I considered a bunch of options and ended up back at my childhood dance studio.
I don't know if this dance phase will stick around,  but hopefully I will continue. It has been my express wish to start again for several years. 

3. I have started sewing earnest for my Etsy shop and began giving sewing lessons to kids I know.

4. The dog is pink again after months of being white. We are all happy she is back to normal. My Dad especially who is the one who always prefers her being pink. (we do use pet-safe dye by the way!)

5. My sister and I received a food dehydrator and I have been experimenting with apple crisps! 

6. Earl Grey has been my staple drink of choice ever since returning from the U.K.
Now I have described a wonderful twist!

7. After reading Jane Eyre, several histories of the Civil War in NM, various biographies and some interesting devotionals since November, I am on to a great book I found at our local library sale. A true-story of a lady home-steader . So charming and sweet.

8. Caroline got a new cloak.

9. I received a cookbook from my friend who wrote it for me! 
I am trying out new recipees and adding some of my old favorites.

What have you been up to this January?

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  1. I read some scholarly articles about Elinore Pruitt Stewart and while she's admirable, she didn't quite tell the truth in her letters. She wasn't a single woman homesteader but I would still like to read the book. Thanks for the reminder.

    Caroline looks gorgeous in her new cloak.