Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Passing of a Poodle

 Molly Moo
Female Toy Poodle Mix
Born a stray in Chihuahua Mexico sometime in 2005 or 2006 
Adopted from  LapDogRescue in collab with Save a Mexican Mutt when I was 16 years old
Weighed 12 pounds
Fur color was Pink most of the time (pet approved dye only)
Long Tail
Energetic personality
Great with kids
Adored Chocolate (and no matter how sick she got, always recovered to get more)
Loved to jump, and could jump very high onto couches, bed and chairs
Slept in my arms, under the covers every night
Constant companion, dear friend

I am sorry Molly you had to go when you did. I am sorry that you were poisoned and we could do nothing to help you. I wish we could have found out what exactly made you sick. I kept you alive as long as I could. But I am glad that I made the decision to put you down, when you were suffering. I am so happy you died in my arms. In life we were always together, and so in death, it was fitting. Thank you for making people turn their heads and smile at seeing a pink dog. Thank you for the countless kids you let hug, hold and pet you. Thank you for always licking away my tears when I cried, for sitting in my lap when I was sad, for perching on my head in the morning to wake me up. 

I will never forget you. 
See you again dear friend....

Your "Miss Lexi"

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  1. I am so sorry, Lexi, for this loss in your life.


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