Saturday, October 4, 2014

Oh Gettysbug, Glorious, Gettysburg

 September! Ahh I had so much fun in September! Is it gone already? 
Well then, a little remembering is in order!
I traveled to Pennsylvania at the beginning of September to visit my dear friend Rachel and her family on their farm.. Rachel and I met a year ago on our trip to England. I was so blessed to spend a week with her wonderful family,. And...we took a whole day to Gettysburg, which has always been one of my "must see" places on my bucket list..
 I was so blessed! Had so much fun!
We just took off, exploring the town of Gettysburg ( including 2 hours in Abraham's Lady-the most awesome shop for Civil War sewers!)
and then went to the battlefield.
It was Glorious....
I do not think these pictures need much explaining, so just scroll down and enjoy. 
Gettysburg was just amazing.


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  1. Your pictures are absolutely delightful! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs!