Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Alure of India--Regency Sari Dress

 Hello Readers!
I finally have the pictures of my Early Regency Sari dress to share with you! When I was a child, I played dress-up quite a bit. However, usually, I dressed up from India. I was fascinated by anything Indian. I collected many outfits, tunic, pieces of saris, from thrift stores! I also had bangles for my ankles and bindis for my forehead. My friend and I always played Princesses from India. There was something very exotic and alluring about that far-off land. Now, as I am older, I know that India, and its goods, have allured people for hundreds of years. 

Regency folks especially, loved India's fine fabrics.Woman fashioned their frocks from lovely Sari shawls and prints. I used existing inspiration and my own creative engines to draft and sew this dress. I hope you like it!

I was given this Sari by a lovely woman who lives in India. 
The dress has a crossover bodice, a deeply pleated skirt back, detachable belt and short, puffed ball sleeves. 
 The waist is fitted, but has a slight drawstring to take in ease for an extra-goof fit.The back bodice closes with hooks and eyes. 
 The dress is lined with a lovely rosy taffeta. There is a chain which hangs from my belt and has a reticule purse and cameo attached.
  The border of the hem is the border of the Sari edge!
  The Sari top-layer dress is so light a flowy and great to dance in I can see why people in the Regency, and even earlier, were fascinated, and intrigued by anything Indian. It must have felt exotic, luxurious, and a bit mysterious, to clothe oneself with fabric from so far away. The print, designs, textures---so unique and alluring.

P.S--I was told on a Regency board, that my make-up through off the look, so please excuse the lipstick. lol!


  1. Your gown is lovely!! I am not usually enthused about saris, but you made this one into a luscious, beautiful gown. All of the details are very lovely.
    Great job!!! :)


  2. Wow, you probably get this a lot but you really remind me of Lydia from the '95 P&P. That is so cool!