Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Hint of Spring

"The MIRACLE is not the life you think you've missed, the miracle is the 
Sometimes, in life, we get down. We see the world for what it could have been, ought have been, might have been. We are so distraught and broken, that our eyes fail to see what life is...a  BLESSING. 

My dream was to go to collage. To get a degree. To prove something to myself and to others. But my health will not allow it at this time. I fought. I still fight. I struggled, I still struggle.

But I have found the principle of all things, all circumstances. 
When I am sad, I force myself to praise God. Praise Him, even Thank Him, when it hurts the most.
When what might have been, is not. When where I am, is.

And I smile.
Because I am...
Beyond words and reasons.
And I know that hope is always there.
But for now,
Thank you, Thank you...

~*~*~ *~
Today I have an outfit post to share.

While the east coast is enveloped in unusually frigid temperatures,  NM is having a grand 'ol time, with sun and the occasional no sweater day.

Today I was in the mood for Spring. So was Olaf. Sweet boy!

The sun warmed my cheeks. It was grand.

 My mom is learning how to use my camera Alistair,  and was having such fun experimenting. You are awesome Mom!

Almost everything I own is either made by me or thifted. Today is no exception.
One of my favprite colors is coral pink or peach.
Needless to say, one of my favorite flavors is peach. Yum!
But, I digress.....
This sweater and pants are both thrifted. The pants were a score, all beaded and decorated! A one of a kind find for sure.

My hair was up and I have a scarf I made from a beautiful length of lace I was given. Just a hem and it was good to go. I tied it under my up-do.

 My  bag pack is the one I made a while back. It was made with all my favorite bright cottons from the fabric store...okay not true, I have many favorite cottons! But it simply was not possible to incorporate all of them into this bag, so it was made with my top three.

Anywho, we had a great day.
My handsome boy and I. Enjoying our Hint of Spring!

Please comment if you liked this. How is your weather lately? 

xoxo Lexi


  1. That's a beautiful outfit Lexi and it looks so nice on you. Our weather here is -30 degrees Celcius. I live in Canana. It won't be spring here for quite awhile.

  2. Keep warm Linda! And many blessings to you! Thank you so much for your encouraging comments!