Thursday, May 7, 2015

April In Focus

And for today's quote.....

 Hello friends *waves really hard*

And by friends I mean you! Anyone reading this!
 April seems to have floated away before I could quite grasp it in both hands!
SOOOOOOOO much has happened, so many lovely things!
I have tried to caprture the moments, but so many floated by before I could click the shutter! Here is to a beautiful, whirling month. To God be the Glory!

 1. Our church hosted a Jane Austen Tea Party...we worked so hard, making decorations, putting raffle basket together, preparing food! It was such a blessing!

 2. Surprisingly, got some personal sewing done despite work and so much craziness!
Made a new silk Civil War skirt and a floral and coral summer outfit, plus finished my first (red, black and white!) Folklorico dance costume!

Had to share also a butterfly t-shirt I made for the theatre I work at, I made a dozen or so of these for the kids we work with and tried on the largest size...woosh, I could fly away!

3. Had a civil War tea Party with some friends to commemorate the end of the Civil Way, April 9th!

4. Had passover celebration at church and made some homemade matza
ball soup in the days following becuase I could not get enough at our church
supper! Yum!

 My dear Mommsy also made some DELICIOUS stuffed bell peppers! New fav dish!

5. I *finally* got a C.W union hat to go with my Confederate hat!  Call me crazy people, but I was thrilled! I mounted them proudly in my room!
 My dear Padre proudly wore the Yankee hat and his Gettysburg t-shirt at a local reenactment and I was so happy! Does he not look handsome?

 And, as a last thought, since we are into May, I had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo with my Baile Folklorico (Mexican folk dance) class! We danced at an old folks home!

Much love to you all! Blessing upon you!
I know this is the National Day of Prayer, so I hope everyone is praying for our country!

Please let me know the most exciting thing(s) that happned in your April!


  1. It sounds like the month of April was simply beautiful for you :) Your dresses are so lovely, my friend, and those butterfly wings are quite charming. May the month of May be just as delightful! Hugs!

  2. What a fun month! Your Jane Austen tea looks so fun; I like your costumes for that and the civil war tea.
    That soup sounds delicous! :)
    The most exciting things that happened to me in April were trying out new camera lenses to buy, ordering some fun stuff online, and seeing a dear friend get into a relationship.