Sunday, May 17, 2015

What I Made-Peachy Keen

"I walk, I run, I fall down, meanwhile I keep dancing"
Because everyone needs to dance through life more!
 Hello dears!
Well! I have been super busy sewing for myself and for others!
I made a summer dress for myself!
I did not necessarily need one, but sometimes I simply need to sew to stay alive. 
Its a basic staple of life. 
This was so much fun, and I loved the bright print I picked out! 
I am sorta a bright print person!
Some of my friends told me they would have a hard time pulling off the peach and yellow flowers but that I should go for it. I started to worry weather these colors were too much. But nope. They all fit right into place once the outfit was sewn.
I think the print looked a lot more daunting when it was 3 1/2 yards spread out on my cutting table.
I heard it a lot when I wore the dress for the first time. How "Orange doesn't look good on me, but I love your dress!" (the peachy color is quite a bit more orange in real life than these pictures show) It excites me when people who would not necessarily wear things that are my style, still really appreciate the garment and the work I put into making it. It shows me I haven't dived off the deep end with my tastes.

I really wanted a dress with a contrast yoke.
This yoke has a center inverted pleat detail!
 I have been getting into using contrasting colors on my sewing projects. I used to concentrate more on my sewing and technique rather than my fabric choices, but have learned that truly....fabric and colors matter! The overall effect of every element affects a garment's turnout!

The dress has a mutli paneled bodice, almost like a corset bodice, which is attched to the yoke on top, and a 3/4 circle skirt on the bottom. The skirt has pockets on either side...a must!
 All these many years sewing, and I have avoided stretchy fabrics like the plague. EEEK! Run!
Now, I am learning to embrace them. They are fun, and add a modern look to your garments in a way floral cotton does not, although I will always be a sucker for floral cotton!The pattern I used was Simplicity 1687, and then I wacked and chopped and did my own thing.
Because I am a pattern...
Don't be fooled by the cute face. If you are a pattern, beware!
 Ok now. Sorry about that! Back to the dress...
It turned out well and the only bit that is lined in the yoke, which was a thin 4 way stretch fabric compared to my 2 way thicker stretch fabric.
 I got the material at Hancocks by the way. They were in the sale aisle. Yeah!
 The back is a cool v-shaped yoke. I did not want to sew the zip through that thin fabric, so this option on the pattern was REALLY handy. Sometimes in sewing, your design revolves on what works best for your fabric. Sometimes, your fabric revolves on your design. In my case I chose the fabric before the design so the fabric dictated the pattern. Does that make sense?
 In the end, I feel like my days of using stretchy fabric have only just begun. The adventures of sewing will never end!

I hope you enjoyed this dress.
Tell me if you like peach or if your prefer other colors? Do you like clothes with contrast?



  1. What a splendidly pretty, endlessly charming dress! You look as cute as a million buttons in it.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. That dress is too cute! I love the details on the bodice and the v-shape in the back!

    Vicki Grace

  3. dear Old fashioned Girl,
    I went to my blog this morning and discovered your comment that's been sitting there since February.
    I am so so sorry and embarrassed as well. Usually my email notifies me when I have a new comment so I'm not sure what went wrong there. Hopefully you can forgive me!

    Your dress is so darling and the colors so cheery. I have to admit that I too am drawn to oranges and yet, I always say it's my least favorite color while I continue to buy orange fabrics, flowers, ribbons, and what-knots.
    You must be very brave to adventure into stretchy not so "-D.
    I hope you have a great week!