Sunday, May 10, 2015

What I Sewed-Collars and Roses

"Summertime, roses, sunshine and...oh yes, Mothers!"
Today is that 'ol glorious Mother's Day! 
For some however, it is not quite the happy day it should be. For some it brings bad memories and for others thoughts of what might have been, could have been. Some are estranged from their mothers, others are estranged from their children, and still others wish they could have been mothers. Some have lost children, both unborn and older children, but all the same, children. 
Some, like my mother, miss their mother who has long since passed away. This day is bittersweet.
So we must love and rejoice when we can. And grieve when we must. Pray long and hard for mothers. And long and hard for the motherless.
With all our experiences, Mothers Day can be so very different. Happy. Sad. Emotionally in-between.
But, to you mothers out there, and to my own mother, I must say....
Thank You!
For your sacrifice, for your faith. Your courage to bring us up. 
Much love to you today. Love to you if you are hurting, or joyful.
I love you.

Recently I got the urge to sew a non-costume garment. I had some credit at Hancocks from a recent exchange and decided to set off on a project! I love to sew my own clothes. I like to wear my own work. Its satisfying. There is about it. Anyways...please enjoy!

I made a collared blouse and separate skirt. I used these two patterns:

The skirt is lined with matching fabric, and instead of having a short lining, the top skirt is short and the lining is long for contrast!I just switched one of the views on the pattern to where the lining piece was cut longer and the outer piece shorter. Really simple.

The shirt has a highly stabilized collar (since it was stretchy fabric!) and a pleated neckline. I love this blouse pattern! A new fav! I cut the pattern out several sizes smaller than I would normally wear, because I knew the pattern was cut very big. It helps to whack a size or two off and then it fits great! Still roomy, but not huge!
The back of the blouse closes with a loop and button.

Its a comfy outfit and I feel very much myself in it. 
Praise God for the time and materials to sew! I know its a privilege.I am so very thankful for sewing and for all the beauty in my life!

Hope you enjoyed my new spring outfit! 
What have you all been sewing, or planning to sew, for summer?
Whats some beauty that's been present in your life lately?

Much Love,
Lexi and Olaf!
(My boy has his own style lol)


  1. Hello my dear! You spring outfit is simply beautiful! You have inspired me to pull out my skirt patterns and make a fun skirt :)

    Happy Monday! Hugs!

    1. Oh, I am so glad! I hope you post your skirt when it is finished!

  2. Beautiful outfit! :D You did a superb job.
    Your puppy dog is so cute. :)

    1. Thank you! Olaf is quite the little fellow!