Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sewing Post-Jane Austen Dress

"I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve"
Jane Austen

I find myself being the happiest I have ever been in my life. I really am too blessed to describe. My church family, my intimate family, my health--all these things are so sweet and wonderful right now. Things are just so nice, and I must remind myself to not let these things pass without whispering, no, shouting gratitude as they pass. 
Gratitude to the Lord.
For renewing and restoring so many things.
I am so thankful to be alive.

And I am conscience of the fact that many people in the world are not. 
If you are one of those...I must say, that with Jesus, things will get better. Hang on. Pray on. Cling on. Stay in church. Drink lots of tea. Find a rigorous excersize routine if you are well enough. And pour everything to God.
Have faith.

If you are not a believer....FIND JESUS. ASAP.

Then go to church drink lots of tea etc. etc.
Sounds silly. Sounds like a load of nonesense. If you don't like tea, switch to coffee, but seriously people. Jesus+Church+Tea=Hope.
 You are loved. You are redeemed. You are chosen.
Grace and Mercy await you at the foot of the cross. 
Crawl, run, dance or limp your way there. To Jesus.
To your Jesus. 

I felt like sewing Regency. So, that is what I did. I haven't sewn Regency since last August so it was time. 
I won't talk a lot here. You can look at the pictures for yourself. Blue dotted dress, fichu scarf, bonnet and  " wah la". Austen Land.


 Fare Thee Well friends! Please comment if you like this post! What do you think of the dress?
Much Love, 


  1. Amen! Only Jesus brings us true joy. :)
    Beautiful dress! :D I like your Regency era look.

  2. What a wonderfully written post and so true!! And a gorgeous Regency dress! Love the color and the print! I love Jesus+church+tea=hope!!