Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall In Focus-Lovely things

 Happy October Lovelies!
How Have you been? 
I have been dandy! Life is speeding up over in my neck of the woods, and beauty is everywhere to be found. God Is so good to me. I spend my weeks helping at church, teaching a Civil War class, dancing, sewing for friends and work, sipping tea and adoring my cute dog.
Here are some snapshots of my life this fall.
1. I danced in our State Fair Parade!

2.Received a FABULOUS handmade necklace from my friend Rachel in P.A., and found a FEATHER belt at the thrift store! They pair nicely I think....

3.Olaf was crowned with his own wreathe...he looks less than impressed...but don't feel to bad for him, he got a bone after this abuse...

 4.Preparing  an Alice In Wonderland costume...

5. Vinatge thrift store finds, isn't this lamp sweet?

6. Made some alterations to my old Renaissance Faire dress to take to the Houston Ren Faire this weekend! I had to take in about 4 inches, added a belt to the waist and lace to the hem (not pictured) and lastly made a wreathe. (That matches Olaf's wreath!)

7. Sewing a mid 19th century work gown for my Aunt out of reproduction fabric! *squee*
  8. My Granny got me some comfy fall soft! I am a big lover of Moccasins!

 9. Vintage floral apron score, with inserted lace detail. Say WHAT?

 10. Got official Folklorico pictures, and it is hard to tell its me in my traditional outfit!
At least, some people think so!
What say you?

 I am packing up and heading to visit some newly wed friends in Houston. 
I will see you all when I come back!
Blessings to you!
What have you been up to lately that you love? 



  1. Hey Lexi! I think it looks like you--the smile is always the same lovely, sweet Lexi smile!

    But could you take a picture and post it here of you in your redone Ren Faire dress?

    1. Yes! I will have an outfit post for you!

  2. It sounds like you've had a great season so far! :D I like your necklace and belt.
    Are you Hispanic, and if so, how much? I'm 1/4 Mexican, but inherited the Irish coloring of my Mom's side of the family. ;P

    1. Hey Paige! I am 1/2 Hispanic! I have lighter skin than my dad, but it is darker (more olive) than my mom's. I also got the textured hair and long eyelashes from my dad!

  3. Wow! You look stunning in that dress! I love it! And how neat that you're 1/2 Hispanic. No wonder you look so nice in the traditional clothing!

  4. You look so beautiful in your Folklorico dress!!! You're a very busy Girl and so talented! I envy your sewing skills! BTW...Olaf doesn't look one bit a victim!!!
    Have a great week!

  5. Love the traditional clothing~! Looks good :)