Wednesday, November 25, 2015

70's Velvet Bell-Bottoms-Cosmic Wolf Vinatge Review

 "faith, hope, love, abide these three, but the greatest of these is love"

Funny thing, I never thought I wanted, or would ever find myself buying, a pair of velvet bell-bottoms. Did not really even know they
existed until two weeks ago!

I have loved the new 70's fashion trends coming into the stores, the fringed suede boots, the  boho bags.LOVE the boho bags! I received this fabulous birthday gift from my parents, it has lace and fringe! Classy and eclectic!

But it wasn't until I was told in my dance class that we would be performing  a 70's line dance (as part of our "dancing through the decades" show)  that I seriously started looking for 70's style pants. I found a pair of mens polyester pants at a thrift store that I tried taking in, but when you have to take in more than 4 inches on something, sometimes you find that they WHOLE garment has to be taken in. I got the waistband to fit, but not the hips! My mom and I about died laughing when I tried them on. It was bad!
The blouse was super easy, I found that at the thrift store and loved it! No tight fitting silk button down blouses for me! Sorry John Travolta- not impressed by your wardrobe choices!

Modesty is always a huge concern for me, and I was not going to compromise on any pants that I felt were inappropriate.
It can be a little unnerving purchasing a new item from etsy, especially when considering sizing and fit. 
I had a TIGHT deadline I needed these by, and the owner of this shop, the very helpful Kristin Chivers, not only sewed my pants up fast, she mailed even quicker! They are super high quality, I could never sew stretch velvet with such professional-ism!  
 (maybe I just came up with a new word?)
So five stars on costumer service.
You can wear these velvet bell bottoms at hip level, or on the natural waist-the latter is how I like to wear them!
They come in sizes:

Small 37" 30"

Medium 37" 32"

Large 37" 34" 
Note: The first measurement is length, the second is waist.  ( aka-where you want them to sit on  you! May not be your natural waist!)

I wear a size 10/12 pants, and the size medium fits perfectly....I  do mean PERFECTLY! My waist is exactly 32inches. To give you a length idea, I am about 5 feet, 6 and 1/2 inches tall. I can wear these both with a heel, (as shown in pictures) or barefoot. They are really fine either way. If you are on the shorter  side, you may want to plan on hemming them, or wearing nice platform heels!. 
In conclusion, they fit as described! 

The price is $35 dollars, which is incredibly reasonable for such well made, hand made pants! 
Shipping is very reasonable as well! These are unique, and very worth your money. And this is from someone who has never paid more than $15 for pants in her life. These are special, and you will want to wear them for a long time!

Very high quality sewing, stitching and fabric!
Five stars on construction quality!

All the finishes are lovely!

Look at the front detail? Is not that beautiful?
 Here is the inside view of that same bit, see the nice serging at the point?

I wanted to show you this hem, so nice!

So, I would recommend these wholeheartedly! 
A great alternative if you are not a skinny jean, leggin person. I always have preferred some sort of flare at the hem.  ;)

Final thoughts
Keep in mind, the nature of these pants, and this style, dictates they work best on people who are more on the slim/average side, not overly hippy (no pun intended) or full waist-ed. They are cut to fit snugly in the thigh/hips, so keep that in mind. I plan to wear these with the long shirt above to cover my rump region, but I have not been blessed with hips so the close fit is not an issue for me personally. 
I plan to wear these for my dance, and then for the rest of winter!
A great alternative for sweats! I can move freely in them, and they are stylish and very cozy. 

You can buy them in various other colors, although these ones and the blue ones, are my favorite!



  1. Lexi, this outfit looks so cute on you! :D In my "old age", I'm liking some of the 70's styles. ;) How great to find those pants, and to be able to get them in time.

  2. Hi Lexi, love your blog design, and you do amazing sewing work! I actually found you when I did a Google search for the vintage roll thingie-ma-bopper since I just tried it out myself: But I'm happy I found your blog! Consider me a new follower ^.^