Sunday, January 3, 2016

Favorite Media from 2015

Philippians 4:8 (NKJV)

 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

I don't know about you, but I had some very interesting encounters with books, movies and music this past year!

I believe in surrendering our personal media choices to the Lord, and honoring that verse in Philippians, but I admit I have huge failings in this area that are not fully under control yet! Its a process! And while the world might look at my media choices as tame and conservative, I still need to make choices that make me more comfortable!
I heard a sermon on Saturday about how we, the LIGHT and SALT of the earth, can only be effective culture changers when we refuse to trample down our personal convictions. This can be awkward and make us seem like prudes, but it must be done if we are to lead by example!

 I share the following thoughts in order to encourage you to think about your own choices, and what you need to change in 2016. I am sure, 5 years from now, my media choices will be very different, as I grow and mature. It is a continual process, and one which is learned through SURRENDER.

Some general things about my taste:
  • I stick with Christian music  (with a smattering of Celtic, Folk and Mexican music thrown in). I have learned a lot about the power of worship music this year and LOVE both Matt Redman and Christy Nockles to bits. If you want your spirit to be uplifted when you listen to music, please purchase these CD's. They are wonderful!

  • I enjoy reading classics and also spiritual books. Below I have two books I read this year, the first is by Pastor Levi Lusko called  "Through the Eyes of a Lion" and details his personal tragedy of losing his daughter, and the hope he found to keep going. The second is Bruchko and is a fabulous missionary book full of jarring adventure!

  • I mostly avoid secular hip-hop/rap/country/rock/punk. But I am not a hermit nor do I associate with only Christians so I am well aware of Adele's new single (which is getting really old, really fast!) and I know who Katy Perry is as well. Shocker! As a teen, I will admit I was even a sucker for the Jonas Brothers which is incredible painful to admit now!
  •  I do not watch R or PG-13 movies on a regular basis. The one R-rated film I do enjoy is The Kings Speech.
  • I do enjoy some scifi and do enjoy fantasy. I love Lord of the Rings and Narnia.  I never read or watched Harry Potter, although I am not one of those Christians who points the finger at H.P enthusiasts.(I have many friends who are)
  • I love old TV series from the 1970's and 80's. No kidding!
  • I love BBC, particularly older BBC, but also enjoy some current ones on a case by case basis. I do not trust or watch every new release on Masterpiece! Downtown Abby was my lesson in "it might have pretty costumes, but it doesn't mean its edifying!"
  •  I enjoy web-series on You Tube (the modern adaptions on classic books), but frequently end up not finishing them due to content issues. I have found, by trial and error, some fabulous one that I watch over and over!
  • I used to adore murder mysteries, but after my dad was on the jury of a disgusting murder trial, we cannot stomach them any more. It hit home that murder is a matter of sanctity of human life, and it is treated as a plot developer or story line way to casually.  There is nothing thrilling and entertaining about murder in real life.  
  • I used to enjoy only "happy go lightly" films where everything turns out splendidly.  I sure still enjoy those, but I am finding I need more substance, more reality, more trials, more difficulty, to infuse a plot. I like to have films with depth. Films that can TEACH me, how to live, how to not live, lessons that I can think and ponder and that are not wrapped up in a two-minute happy ending.
 FAVORITE Movies of 2015
Like I said, I had some great encounters this year, and also some bad ones! I wanted to share what I enjoyed with you! I love it when fellow Christian bloggers share what they like, as I have discovered some great resources! Some of these came out in years past, but they were found by me this year, so that is why I am including them. Enjoy!

  1.  Jane Eyre  2011 Oh wow! Favorite book, favorite adaption!  *Just LOVE*. Of course, as in most adaptions, it does not follow the book as closely as it could, but I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed this, nor how many Sunday afternoons were spent RE-WATCHING it. Its gotta be good if you watched it on Netflix 5 times and then bought the DVD to see the deleted scenes! I like this story because Jane is a woman with conviction and morals. I admire her strength of character and her intelligence to no end.   
  2.    War Room 2015 Surpassing the normal standard for Christian movies, this film will shake you to your knees (literally I hope in prayer). HIGHLY recommended. Be warned though, do not watch unless you want to be convicted to change your personal prayer habits. This is the best of best in Christian films, and you will want to purchase the sound track too!

3. Copperhead 2013 A civil war era movie about division in the North, this film contains themes of faith, brotherly love, hatred, and condemnation. These themes tear through one community  in the North and demonstrate that division during the Civil War did not just occur on either side of the Mason-Dixon line. For a great review, check our this fab blog.

 4. AnneWithAnE webseries. AKA Green Gables Fables

Currently on season 2, this modern adaption of the classic story, is really delightful and will get your Anne-girl fan-girl instincts going! Its clean and a joy to watch. A note: the comments are just as fun to read as the series is to watch! This is the film that introduced me to the fandom term "shipping" (as in, "I ship those two", I want them to end up together.) So yea, that counts for something, right? Although, I realize people have been shipping literary and film characters for much longer than the term has been in existence, it's nice to have a new nerdy word to use for the purpose. As of this blog post, Roy and Anne are just about the start....well, something, and we are all in a tither! Of course we all know how it will end.....Gilbert!
images found on  pinterest

5. Great Expectations 2012
Not expecting (no pun intended!) to watch this, and not sure I will watch it over and over again like the others I mentioned, I have to still admit I enjoyed this. I am not a Dickens person, and have never read the book, so my opinion is probably not worth much, but I enjoyed learning the plot to this epic tale and getting to know the characters.  I feel there are a lot of morals to be learned from this story, particularly by the bad decisions certain characters make.  However, there is a sense of redemption at the end and I loved the bitter-sweet feeling I was left with. Stella's costumes are also amazing!

6. Gettysburg 1993
An oldy but goody! My dad bought me the DVD this year and it is fabulous! If you are interested in CW battle history and how it all went down on those fateful  3 days in Pennsylvania, this is for you. It is a battle movie (think play by play), so if you want pretty females and romance, look elsewhere! I am fascinated by how battles actually "went down" (rather than just who won at the end) and this is very detailed! You get to know different generals and understand more fully how this great event happened. It has violence, particularly at the end (Pickett's charge anyone??) but honestly, you'd probably see just as much in the latest action film. It also drives home the gravity or war, and teaches that even great generals can make disastrous decisions. Highly recommended for education, rather than pleasure!
image from Wikipedia

So there is my very long post!


Love you all, and I hope we can all strive to honor God more with our media choices this year!





  1. Comment by Paige (which accidently vanished when I edited my post) : "Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth." Colossians 3:2 I want to encourage you to read the whole chapter! Keep your eyes on the Lord, Lexi! He will never fail you! Christian love, Paige P.s. You have a nice blog!

  2. Lexi, it is refreshing to see another young person who takes care with what media they put into themselves. I also listen to mainly Christian music (with a bit of Celtic here and there ;) and don't regularly watch R-rated movies. I recently saw The Patriot, which earns its R-rating for violence. My friend told me when the especially violent parts were so I could not look (not that most of it didn't depict reality, but I'd rather not see those images).
    Thanks for the recommendations too! I've seen #1, #2, and #5, but not the others! :)

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  4. GGF!!!!!!!!!!! I am CRAZY over GGF!!!! It is SOOOOO much fun!! But I have to admit, I have never read the books!

  5. Ohhh, you love Copperhead too! *high-fives* Thanks for linking to my review. ;-)