Monday, February 8, 2016

The Night I Saw Riverdance

On Sunday I sat in my orchestra seat, anxiously awaiting a dream come true . . 

 Hello all! I had such a wonderful, WONDERFUL night at Riverdance!
I cannot believe how blessed my father and I were to get tickets.
 Superbowl fans, I apologize to you, but we were not watching the game on Sunday evening.
 I really hope you enjoyed yourself though. In fact, the Superbowl was the reason we got our tickets. It appears the box office was having a difficult time selling tickets for the 6:30pm showing, so they offered a buy on get one deal to the public. 
I am not going to attempt describing it, words cannot utter how amzaing it was to see live!
All I can say is, if you have an inclination and get the chance to go, make it happen. Scrimp and save. Do what must be done, you will not regret it. 

 The dress I wore has been on my radar since last fall. I saw this dress in the Lauren Conrad collection released for Kohls, but at $70, and no reason to buy it, I held off. 
In January I found it again at my local Kohls, and snagged it for a fraction of the cost. Lauren Conrad is one of my favorite clothing brands. Feminine and detailed, her clothing almost has an enchanted feel.
 (look at the detail even of the tags and inside)

 It was my plan to wear it when I attend ballets, which I see periodical throughout the year. I thought Riverdance would not be a bad excuse to wear it for the first time. 
I figured that people who love dance, would excuse the tulle and velvet worn to see Irish step dancing. I was right, and people were very nice in their compliments.

This is my most favorite garment I have ever owned. It tops anything past, or present, and will have to be the standard someday when I choose or sew my wedding gown.

 Wore my thrifted blue flats and open-work stockings.

 Her detailing is so stunning, the back of this dress still amazes me.
It should be mentioned that I wore my navy cardigan over this dress to the performance, as it is still winter.

I really hope you like my outfit. It is so nice to dress up once in awhile. 

Please tell me how you are! 
Much love,



  1. GORGEOUS dress!!! And once again.....I AM SOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!! Seeing Riverdance live is one of my dreams as well.

  2. Perfectly lovely!! <3


  3. Such a lovely dress! I was SO lucky to see river dance when it came here to Aus and it was SPECTACULAR although they cut out our Firedance and yeah.. :(