Sunday, April 3, 2016

Of Daffodils and Lemon Curd


Hello dear ones, how have you been of late? I have been pretty good. I hope you have as well.
This was meant to be a "March in Focus" post, but has turned into a concentration of all things yellow! So please bare with me!

Of late I have been indulging in poetry, a sure sign of springtime in our house, as the springtime means the anniversary of my late grandmother's birthday and death.  It was Nana who made poetry such a huge part of my life. I was given a book of Wordsworth recently and have to say, I adore his stuff.
His "I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud" or "Daffodils" poem is so ethereal. Please take the time to read it. The loveliness is perfect for this time of year! And it also inspires the taking of pictures. So many pictures! I wonder if Wordsworth had any idea what his
poetry would do to future generations? What a thought indeed.  

Aside from the happy news of nature, I had the (sad) approaching end of my Civil War co-op class. Yes, indeed, this year I volunteered to teach a home-school class at a local church co-op. It was really one of the most, if not the most, fulfilling things I did this year. I had a great group of kiddos from 6th grade on up. They worked super hard and we laughed way too much.
For the end, I told them that I was thinking about making the famous "Robert E. Lee Cake".
Well, there was no backing out after that.

I did not realize it is a fairly intense cake to make if you are going for 100% homemade. Not so much difficult as time-consuming. I spread out making the different parts over three days, as my schedule was pretty full that week. I made the curd first and let it refrigerate. I also wanted to bask in the loveliness that is  'curd in china' for as long as I could.
Tell me, is it not a thing of beauty?? Unfortunately it did not last forever, except in this photo...
In it's simplest form, the Robert E. Lee cake consists of a sponge cake with a lemon filling. This recipe popped up a few years after Lee's death in 1870. It became very famous all over the South and is one of the more notable American cakes you can make. There are different ways to make it, but I combined all of them into one, for the full experience.

So, lemon sponge cake, filled with homemade lemon curd, topped with lemon/orange frosting, topped with shredded coconut. Cause when you make the Robert E. Lee cake, you gotta do it right. Besides, I wanted my 'children' to have a full, uncompromised education.  ;)
Here I am on the third day of assembly, my delicate sponges ready for the oven. My mother was on hand to take pictures of the momentous occasion because that is WHAT WE DO. She thanked me later for including her in the 'experience'. Awe!

 Before, after and in-between the batter preparations I was zesting. Yep, zesting is a serious business when you have to flavor curd, batter and frosting.
Very beautiful, lemon and orange!
When it was all said and done, the coconut sprinkled on and the frosting adjusted, this is what we had.
Anyways, it tasted wonderful and the memories were worth more than the actual cake.
It's a great cake for spring and look fabulous with daffies.
(And Olaf recommends reading some Wordsworth while you eat a slice)
Just to be safe!
Anyhootle, HAPPY APRIL!
Much love,
~yours ever trying to laugh~



  1. Hello Lexi! Oh, what a lovely post...and a deeeee-licious looking cake :) Lemon curd is one of my favorite things~ you are quite a chef! By the way, I am your tea cup exchange girl :) The secret is now revealed~hehe! I had read your blog when Stephanie sent me your name, but hadn't wanted to say "hi" until I knew you had gotten my package. I hope you enjoyed it. What a blessing to get to meet you♥
    Have a joyous day,
    Hugs from Ashleigh

  2. This food looks gorgeous, you can't beat daffodils and cake!

    I'm also commenting to inform you that I have moved my blog to one with a more suitable name and design. I would be more than grateful if you would like to resubscribe and come along with me!

    Lauren | Sincerely, Lauren Emily