Monday, May 23, 2016

Laugh at Yourself//Cat Ears and the Governor

Laurie, Me, Tracey

"Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused"

Friday night I got to meet our Governor.
Very charming woman. So kind and gracious.
She came by our costume shop at the childrens' theatre to rehearse with some of the young people for a special event.
I wore cat ears when I shook her hand. 

My boss Tracey and friends Laurie and Alima were there too, of course. 
Alima even had a vintage headscarf under her ears and Laurie and Tracey had their ears decked out as well.  I decked my ears out with colorful daisies.
when you work in our costume shop for long enough... 
you earn your ears.

For every major show we work, we wear our ears.
These ears distinguish us and the kids know that the "cat ears" are the people who work the costume shop.

And I mean,
com'on people.
When there is whirlwind after whirlwind of things to get sewn, mended, altered and handed out,
you gotta have some fun!
At the end we were wearing not only our ears, but anything else we could find.
At one point I had on ties around my neck (we pre-tie men's ties and wear them so we can quickly hand them to boys who need them done properly), a vintage apron from a pile I had been sorting, and my ears!
Thankfully it wasn't that bad Friday!
When I shook the Governor's hand.

It is a truth that I have had to learn to laugh at myself, because well, if I didn't know how to laugh at myself, I'd be completely mortified. 
All the time.


If you are one of the amazingly talented people who always watches other folks get into "ooopses" while you are standing there all dignified,
high five to you!

I will never ever be that way!
This is a little ensemble I came up with late one night after a show back in February.

My beloved sister, who is my total opposite in every way except essentials, told me that one thing she really admired about me was that I can laugh at my mistakes.

Honestly though,
this is more of a skill I have learned over time than a naturally bestowed gift.

Trust me, when your life is MY LIFE, you get plenty of opportunities to practice being amused by the crazy things that JUST HAPPEN.

Prevention or damage control is just not possible.
I've tried.
Things WILL go amiss.
That's just part of being Lexi.

And living life entertained beats curling up in the fetal position and groaning over that time you walked into the wall. Or put the TV remote in your purse. Or texted your dad's work associate a picture of you eating nachos in Civil War attire.
That picture was meant to be sent to my friend Lisa.
Not good.

I am currently proudly keeping a log of 2016's most awkward/embarrassing moments. I have limited myself to one per month.
Needless to say I haven't had trouble so far.
May's moment just got ticked off.

And guess what?
I wasn't really embarrassed by it. 
Seriously, this one wasn't bad. It was kinda cute and the Governor seemed to like our quirky "uniform".
It was fun!

And honestly, I thank God for the ability to laugh.
I laugh at things no one else thinks is funny.
I laugh when I am all alone.
My family sometimes thinks I've lost it.
And sometimes at dance I smile, not a "I'm enjoying this activity" smile, but a "oh man that was such a funny time when..." smile.

And it's GIFT.
Pure gift.
To laugh at yourself.
At your own mishaps

Don't take yourself so seriously.

Cause in  the end,
it's not about you.

And sometimes amusing things  JUST happen.

And when you think,
"Oh man, what a mess I am."

Just remember, you might be the light-hearted example that someone else needs to see.
So get up off the floor, dust yourself off and laugh with your friends.
Cause everyone needs a good chuckle.

And laughter is a Gift.

So put your cheetah ears on.
And smile!

Life's too short not to.

~Yours ever amused~


  1. Beautifully stated, Lexi. Thanks for this great reminder. :)

  2. Haha this was awesome!!! It's a really important thing to be able to do - laughing at yourself!

  3. (Finally read this post completely through, and now I'm here to comment. ;)) Aww. This was great, Lexi. Laughing at myself and being more cheerful is definitely something I should work on. And oh! I really like what you said here: "Just remember, you might be the light-hearted example that someone else needs to see." That is SUCH a good reminder, especially because I'm afraid I'm often more of a grumpy example than a light-hearted one. :P Thank you, Lexi!!