Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Creativity Lately

Hello Lovely People!
The last 6 months I have compiled some miscellaneous photos of recent projects and artsy stuff,
so it's time to share!

Hope you enjoy!

Over the last two years I worked on perfecting the fine art  of "Flan", which is a custard in caramel sauce, commonly served in Mexico.
It is one of those things that can be a bit tricky (until you get your method down), and my family now expects me to make it for family get-togethers! This is one of the two I made for my Padre's birthday in February. I did my own garnish of raspberries and mint!

-Mystery Tea
At the end of March my friend Marie and I helped put on our tea-fundraiser at church. It was a team effort really, we two just put on the entertainment part of it---as Dr. Jane Watson and Sherlockiah Holmes!
We put on a skit and it was wonderful (if slightly crazy at times). We had a bunch of jokes and funny British lines thrown in. My "Watson" outfit came from the theatre I work at, and Marie's plaid "Holmes" dress was thrifted. We brought in sets (from our local homeschool drama play which we both helped put on early that year) and hauled furniture!
(Left, Me---Right Marie)

- Spring Scarf
Sometime during the early spring I found a remnant of semi-sheer floral from a local fabric source. So I fashioned a cute lace scarf. It has a cool design, maybe I'll show the finished thing sometime!

- Refashioned T
My awesome friend Samantha worked at a resort island last summer, and brought me back a cute "Mackinac Island" t-shirt! It was a bit too big, so I remade it! I took the sides in, cut the hem to be curved and added fun "bo-ho" trim. Ta-da!

-Journaling and Prayer Box
My sister went to a missions conference this spring and came home with "love" gifts (a small gift to show you love a person) for everyone. She is pretty awesome! And kindhearted. And maybe generous too? She gave me an owl prayer journal, and also a PRAYER BOX! You write one-liners (or one-worders) about things that are really troubling you, and you give them to the Lord, then close the box and let go!

- Pattern Haul
I hit a $1 pattern sale and stocked up!
Enough said!

- India Dress
In April came the bombshell news about the Royals visit to India! And I was super excited to see Kate's wardrobe! This dress has a very long story, but suffice it to say I was intrigued/inspired by  Kate's use of a traditional garment, turned modern. Here is a sneak peak of my "refashioned"  modern India dress!

- Polka-dot Cards
In late June I gathered with friends for epic card-making!
This is my personal collection called "Polka-dot Fiesta"!
Super cute!

Also in June we weekend in our old family cabin. It's a mountain cabin, and my mother and I are redecorating (or trying to!) for the first time in 40? or 50? years!
I found that white shabby-chic dresser on the side of the road and it looks great with an old family mirror! (I also thrifted the old lamp!)

-Mending Beanie Boos
This is kinda funny, but I am now a surgeon for stuffed animals.
Six year old Kayla at church apparently knows I sew, so she came to me Sunday with Doggy and Turtle and I am now "vetting" them. Doggy just needed his back sewn. But Turtle had a fin accident and needs reconstruction. ;)

Anyways, in between there has been family mending, flower crown making and a bunch of other stuff.
But this is what I've got for now!
I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of beauty.

~Yours Ever Creating~


  1. Everything here is simply lovely! :D You seem to have kept quite busy lately. The flan looks delicious, and I am most definitely looking forward to seeing your India dress, having an interest in India myself. :)

    1. Thanks dear Paige! It is funny our much India can fascinate people!

  2. This sounds like fun! I saw your comment on Miss Marche's blog about All Creatures Great and Small! It's lovely to find other bloggers that have heard of it! :D

  3. Wow! These pictures are gorgeous! The Flan looks beautiful with the raspberry garnish!! :D

    The Mystery Tea sounds delightful. What a cool idea for a skit.

    And, oh! I really like your modern India much as I can see of it! I looks like such a fun dress!

    Aww. I love the story of the stuffed animals. That's so sweet. :)

    You really are creative, Lexi! Thanks for sharing that creativity with the rest of us! :D