Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Style 4//Sewing India

Hello Dear Readers,

I come to you with the final pictures of my India dress!
I know some of you wanted to see it, and after some wait, I am happy to share.

The dress was made from a long, very large, lounge dress, which I thrifted some time ago for around $6.
I unpicked the entire dress, and then cut out my own pattern pieces.
 I used (a greatly altered version of) this old pattern from the 90's. The main thing I liked was the princess seams and the cap sleeves.

This whole project started over a year ago when I began obsessively browsing traditional Indian clothing websites. 
I just love the fabrics and details on many forms of ethnic clothing.
Indian clothing is no exception.
However, tunic styles do not look very good on me, and even though I would love to own some traditional Indian clothing of various styles (I actually do have some) I wanted something I could wear everyday.
I decided I wanted a regular style dress (i.e. fitted bodice, gathered skirt) with some serious Indian fabric and flare.
After Princess Kate went on her India tour in April (2016) and styled her Anita Dongre dress into a more contemporary style, I was all ready to start sewing.

The only other things I needed for this dress besides the original dress, was some piping, a zipper and some single fold bias tape.
Oh, and a bit of red braid for the hem. ;)


This dress should not have taken me so long, but I worked really slow and unusually carefully on it, as it means so much to me.
I was very pleased with both the fit and the final look!

The cap sleeves, the neck detail and even the use of the bias tape as trim and piping were inspired from my online browsing.

The piping is continuous up the front, and then down the back!
The fact that it is not split at the shoulder seams is probably only a detail I will know, but it is, at least, a small matter of pride!

I added a nice gold belt and thought it pulled everything together.
However, the show-stopper of this dress is (as it should be!) the epic border print!
Look at the hem!
Glorious, no?

So anyways, there you go!
I hope you enjoyed it.

I am heading up to church camp this weekend, so this will be my last post for a while!


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