Sunday, August 7, 2016


"Summer is most beautiful to people, after the fact."

When you look backwards. It is then you really can see it.

And when I look over my shoulder...this is what I see...

Two girls, curled up on a white iron bed.
Hair blowing from whirling fan.
Comforter lopsided. Pillows strewn. Feet kicked up.
Laughter, deep discussion, serious planning, determined ideas, tearful prayers.
Swirling together in unison.
Parting later, not knowing if one will choose the right path yet hoping the other said something to help.

Long drives, crammed in a long van. 
Infant child tasting her first of  many future summers trips.
Church camp beauty. Rain splattering. Thunder cracking.
Wooded forests. Mountains Peaking.
Long walks up gravel paths, lugging bibles and pushing strollers.
Children coming to you with dripping eyes, and searing questions.
A speaker with powerful truths and a kind voice.

First motorcycle rides. Zip lining upside down and Christian Rap concerts.
Witnessing like never before over food never tried before. 
Gathering up your guts, and spilling out the truth.
Decision-making and  hard path choosing.

Drawing closer to sister. Learning what it feels like to unite.
To kneel on hotel floors and cry and laugh and cry some more...
 and then be safe in the silence.
Finally feeling like one. 
Not sisters in name only...but in spirit too.

Close friends getting engaged. Wedding dress shopping, and diamond ring admiring.
Toasting and blessing. Glad hearts, and hopeful planning.
Relief and excitement. Thankfulness to God.

Vacationing and TV sabbaticals.
Feet wading in river streams.
And hot coco in July.
Car rides with blaring music. And fluffy dogs panting.
Fireworks and baseball stadiums. Huge revivals and fireside conversions.
Tea dates and card making. 
Book reading, and porch-chilling.
Long chats with out-of-state friends----
remembering times past...and dreaming of times still yet to be.


I am finding things of the familiar are more precious when times change.
And what matters becomes clearer with age.

I see that some expectations really aren't important after all.
That perceptions can change overnight. That the blinds can be lifted, and focus shifted. 
In an instant the things you once insisted were vital, matter very little indeed.

That old hurts turn petty, and though they still ache, you do not tear scabs off and rehash the past.

That letting a comment "slide" takes character. And being a gracious woman means making that split-second decision to smile and not speak.

That hurt can be half as much what you make of it as what actually happened.

That good feelings must be watered. And forgiveness spread generously. 
And the change always starts first.... with you.

That growing in Christ, though painful at first, yields peace and rest latter on.
That the struggles under gone even 5 months ago, prove now well worth it.
And what God speaks as truth, you must hold fast to.

With Much Love, and Great Joy,
(and relief that I have as much nostalgia to hoard up from this summer as last summer)


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful summer!

  2. These are such beautiful memories... I love the close friends getting engaged ones because two of mine did recently. It seems to be catching, I think. :P Weddings are so wonderful! :)

    Many blessings and a hug to you

  3. Beautiful! <3 You seem to have had a good summer of growth!

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