Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Style 5// Sewing A Pinterest Skirt

Hello lovely people!
I have been in need of a plain, "go-to" skirt that would go with anything and everything I own, be easy to work in, and reach long enough that I can kneel comfortably.

In June I had a pinterest "Ah-ha!" moment when I saw this tutorial for a simple pocketed skirt.'s tutorial has the instructions for making these pocketed skirts, as well as detailed measurements for various child and adult sizes.

And although I personalized some other elements of the skirt, the pockets were kept the same.
(My version)
The pockets look like they go all the way to the hem, and create a striking look!

I bought 2 yards of chambray (the original pattern calls for linen) at Hobby lobby, a zip and some interfacing.
The total was under $15 as the material was on sale 1/2 off.
(My supplies--excuse the floral wire (that's for a different project!!)

(My creative area!)
 The skirt is super distinctive, functional and easy to wear (and care for!)
It can be worn almost year round in my home climate, and
it's gone to church, on errands, to work and even on evenings out.
Here is a bit about my version:

My pattern was drafted on printer paper which was taped together. I used the tutorial measurement charts, but added some over all length to make sure my hem would be below my knees. Here are the measurements I used. (I cut wider panels than my measurements called for, as I wanted a fuller look)
I remember not having to add as much length as I thought I would have to. The fact that I drafted a thicker waistband also helped.

(my pattern)
(waistband SA =-how much you need to attach your zipper to the back. I needed 5/8 inch on either side)

I pleated the front and back panels to a fitted waistband for a slimming look. Gathers onto an elastic waistband would give me too much of a muffin look!
NOTE: The side panels were still gathered so that the pockets would lie flat.

( I started with an inverted box pleat in center, and worked directional pleating from there)

My waistband pieces were both interfaced and sewn along the top edge to connect.
The below mid-construction picture shows how I edged the inside waistband with lace.
I turned it to the inside and slip stitched it down. Pretty lace now decorates the inside for added detail.

This is an inside detail shot that shows how the pocket cleverly stops before it reaches the hem.
It's only from the front that it appears like a straight cut!
My tie was added as an after thought and is just a long strip of fabric, sewn down to the side of the waistband. The end in my left hand is longer because it wraps around my back to tie in front.

It ties in front, like so! I am a sucker for bows and hate to waste any ta-da!

This was such a useful skirt to make, and I am so pleased with it. A pleated, below the knee skirt is by far the type of skirt I need the most in my closet. I will probably make one in navy next.
Hope you enjoyed this post!
~Yours Ever Creating~

What does your dream skirt look like? 

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