Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Curious Thing...

Have you ever felt it a curious thing to be alive?

Have you ever been aware that change is too swift?
Have you ever walked through your days and never counted them?
And found yourself at the end of a month before it began?

And yet, have you ever stood and had time freeze?
Have you ever felt the wind slow and seen the clock stop?
Have you inhaled and been keenly aware...that this is life?

Have you ever felt the ache of sorrow and the spark of joy together?
Ever felt so happy for one friend and torn at heart for another?
Have you ever felt the tension and the blessing all at once?

Have you been the person who did the right thing at the right time?
Yet have you ever been the person to mess it up... again?
Have you ever done both on the same day?

Have you ever longed for something dearly,
 and yet hoped it doesn't happen just yet?

Ever felt like you've made huge strides to where you want to be,
and yet see you have so far to go?

The curiousness never ends.

And I think life feels like a whirlwind.
And sometimes God draws near and hides you gently.
The winds still, and you are steady. Safe.
And yet other times He unleashes the wind!
He whispers "Jump! And I'll catch you!"
"Step out in faith, and let me show you how GREAT I am!!"

Sometimes contentment is required to stay where we are.
Sometimes faith is required to do something new.

Sometimes we push to move forward, only to be rebuffed
Other times we are propelled forward before we are ready!

We bang on doors that will not open.
And yet some doors open which we never thought to touch.

Life's curious.

Isn't it?


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  1. This post! Gahh. So true. And you wrote it so beautifully. Yes, life is indeed curious. Happy, heartbreaking, confusing, delightful...indescribable. "And sometimes God draws near and hides you gently." *sigh* I'm so glad He does that, otherwise we'd never make it through. He is SO good to us! :D

    Thanks for this post, Lexi!