Saturday, September 10, 2016

Summer Style 7// September Wedding

"Cheerful Weather for the Wedding..."
 Hello dears,
 This will be my last Summer Style post!
I am counting September because here in the SouthWest, it is still nice and warm--
...but mainly because I went to a wonderful wedding and have an outfit to share.
I went thrifting  (surprise, surprise!) and picked up this beauty. I was so enchanted by the lines, lace and floaty fabric.

My goal was for a soft, elegant look, slightly yesteryear, slightly modern.

Details of lace yoke and raised bodice front...

My hair was done in my Conair vintage roll, and I added flowers (because what else would you expect from me?)

The dress has a ruffly high-low hem. I liked how long this high-low was. Very tasteful, I thought. 
 Outfit Details
Dress-Thrifted//Shoes-Thrifted //Necklace-Gift
 Anyways, we all had a great time, my family and I.
I hope you enjoyed this last summer style post!
Oh, and what do you think of the blog remodel? Is it too bright? I mean, I like orange and yellow,
 but I certainly don't want to blast your eyes out.
That would be very unkind of my color scheme. ;)
Let me know.
And special thanks to Bonnie's post for the helpful tips and inspiration to remodel.
Much love to you,


  1. I think the new blog look is great! It really says "Lexi!" ;) And that is s gorgeous dress!! I just went Thrift-ing myself and picked up some nice stuff. I'm going to do a post on it on Monday.

    1. Awesome Erudessa! I am glad you scored some stuff!

  2. Ooooh you mentioned me! So glad it was helpful. I LOVE your dress and your new blog design is so pretty and so 'you'. You're so sweet!

  3. Ohhh! YOUR HAIR! I love it! And your dress is SO pretty. Looks like a perfect outfit to wear to a summer wedding. :)

    I think the new blog look is scrumptious! It's very sunny and happy. And your header is beautiful. I really like the quote you included under the title. :D

    Great post, Lexi! Your summer style posts are so much fun!

    ~Miss March

  4. I've seen pictures of your hair like that before with the vintage bun roll, but I've just started doing mine that way this summer. What a perfect idea, to put flowers in!

    I'm loving that you're redoing your blog. I've been changing up mine as well! It's a lot of fun, yes?!