Monday, October 17, 2016

Creativity Lately-The Finer Things

 Hello friends,
I have two special projects to share with you all today.
These were both gifts to two fabulous people in my life.
First off is Lisa's bridal veil.
 When she asked me earlier this summer if I would sew her veil, I honestly knew very little about such things.
I agreed but was a bit skeptical about my ability to pull it off.
 This was probably for the best because I researched and planned the whole project very thoroughly before starting.
After some minor,
 panic when it came time to sew down the ribbon with clear thread, it actually turned out really well.
Especially for a first time, I feel like this project was a success.
Note: sewing with plastic thread is a pain and a bother-but the results are super pleasing.
 The veil is a slightly longer than finger-tip length and has a blusher.
I went ahead and drafted a pattern rather than trying to evenly cut it freehand.
Now I have a base pattern to use for future friends if they need my help.
And even with buying fabric samples and more ribbon than needed, it still cost under $20 to make.
I love how it drapes and I am glad I was able to bless my friend.

Secondly, and taking up the better part of a year,
I completed a counted cross stitch.
I started cross-stitching last year, and this is the hardest thing I have made.
Maybe it's the fact that the stitches are so small, or that I am new to this craft, but this was not an easy project for me.
The finished  piece is actually very small, and it came in a packaged kit,
but I sewed on it (on and off) for most of the year.
My friend Samantha ADORES Beauty and the Beast, and this year is the 25th anniversary of the Disney cartoon.
So, it was a timely gift.
 I am excited to report she loved it.
 It meant as much to her as it did to me, so that was very nice.

Both these gifts stretched me in the area of detail work, but I was glad to grow a bit in my skill set.
I am more motivated now to take on gifts for other people.
I hope you enjoyed this post.
What do you think?
Much Love,


  1. Both are very pretty!! Especially the cross stitch!!

  2. The veil is so lovely! What a fun project, I would have been nervous too though!
    And I love Beauty and the Beast. Your cross stitch is so pretty.