Monday, November 28, 2016

Lisa's Day

 On October 29th, 2016, 
our dear friend Lisa (and former house mate) and her love Josh, were married.
They said their vows in Lisa's hometown in California.

 My sister Emily and I were blessed to fly out a few days before to help prepare,
and then we enjoyed a wonderful time on the day of the ceremony.
 It was an amazing time, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, but mostly we enjoyed seeing these two beautiful hearts unite.
The ceremony was heartfelt, filled with the gospel message.
The décor rather airy and simple.
When we all saw Lisa, we could only define her with one word:
I hope you can get a little sense of this beautiful day with the photos below.



So, that was that. Lisa is off now in her own house, settling down.
The wedding, with all its prep and beauty, is over.
And we are left with two things:
happy memories, and a covenant between two hearts. 
What can be better than that?
 Much love,


  1. Precious in deed! I love weddings and this was a delight to see through your photos.
    The bride was just beautiful, as were you dear ladies in the wedding party.

    Thank you for sharing~

    1. Ah thanks Debbie! I love weddings too, they are such a treat.

  2. What a beautiful day! :) Lisa looks lovely. I am happy to hear that it was gospel-filled ceremony, which gives true loveliness to a wedding. :)

  3. Such a gorgeous wedding! I love all the photos. Also, your outfit is super cute!

    Basically Beautiful