Friday, December 2, 2016

Mod-Squad Outfit

                                                                       Hello friends!

                                  I went thrifting again and found some vintage-esque pieces.
                 Behold the burnt-orange 60's-style shift, featuring pockets and peter-pan collar.
I have worn this about four times this week.

 Since it is getting quite cold, I like to wear my fabulous bow sweater with it, see how nice?

I am sporting some mitts my friend Marie made for my birthday, and my new footed-leggings.
These brown "tights" are the thickness of leggings, and fleece-lined too. Very warm and super soft.

 Oh! add to my awesome squad, we got a new puppy in October....

Meet Rita. She looks innocent, but be ye not deceived.
She is quite the little rascal!
I had forgotten how much work a puppy can be. We got her for my mother as an early birthday present. She is super cute and we love her!

Anyways, I hope you all are doing well.
We got our first bit of snow the other day, but it is all gone now.
Off to fix myself a cup of tea.
(I am trying to prevent a sore throat from taking over my weekend.)

Much Love,

P.S. Has anyone ever watched that old TV show The Mod Squad? I only catch it occasionally on our re-run network, but it's pretty fun.
P.P.S. So tell me, what are you up this first week of December? Are you in full-gear Christmas mode, or just starting to ramp up to it?


  1. Awww. Your puppy is adorable! SO CUTE!! :D

  2. Very fun outfit! I like the color of your dress and the details on your sweater and shoes. :)
    Rita is such a cutie! :D Do she and Olaf get along?
    My December is starting to get Christmassy this weekend, as my mom and I will be off to a craft/folk music fair later. :D Actually, we started making gifts a month ago!