Friday, December 30, 2016

Sewing Recap 2016

 Well, 2016 was a year I sewed a work.
(That is a good thing, I like my work)
However, I did get a few very special pieces made for myself and friends,
with a smattering of other fun projects as well.
Here we go...
 Sewing Recap 2016
 Projects for Friends
1. Alterations on Emily's Bridesmaid Dress.
 Let it be known that I do not normally jump at alteration work on formal/bridal dresses. But for my sister, I make exceptions. She found a navy chiffon David's Bridal dress while thrifting, and paid $10. Lisa loved it too. We just had to hem it and create a strap of some type. Em looks great in Grecian type looks, so I created a pleated, one shoulder strap.
 BEFORE                                                     AFTER
2. Lisa's Veil.
Not much to say other than it was such a treat to make this for my friend. Talk about a beautiful bride! 
(Photos Courtesy of Christina Delle Walborn)

3. T-Shirt Quilt For Emily.
A Christmas gift just finished within the last two weeks, this quilt documents Emily's 4 years of collage. From a t-shirt she made when she turned 18, to internship and honor society t's, it has it all.
 4. Cross-stitch for Samantha.
I know it's small, but I'm stinkin' proud of the Disney sampler I made for my friend's birthday.
Projects For Myself
1. One of the most time-consuming things I made was my Plaid Civil War Dress,
with removable collar and Swiss-waist belt. I was so proud of how it turned out. I sewed this thing while we were running a show at work; so I was sewing at work, rushing home, and sewing on this. I got it finished in time for a reenactment.

2. My India Dress! Ah, I love this thing so much.
The piping, the recycled paisley fabric, and the little cap sleeves, all combined to make it so special.
3. Sequin New Year's Dress.
Just off the chopping block, and quite the adventure to sew!  I am not fully satisfied by how the inside looks, but I am very proud that I finished a decent looking dress out of such difficult fabric. A full post will come soon on this project. 
4. Folklorico Dance Practice Skirt.
This project has been completed for so many months, tis a real shame I have not shared it yet.
A post will be coming in the  next month. I was immensely happy with how this turned out!
5. Chambray Pocket Skirt.
On the list of "so-so" projects, this one comes up. Don't get me wrong, I love this skirt. I adore this skirt. But after washing it, I realized what a pain it is to iron. I would wear this thing every week, if it were not for the fact that it wrinkles so badly. Ah well, good lesson for next time: no more 100% cotton everyday skirts.

6. Pink Jumpsuit.
My friend Laurie cut this fabric out (from a pattern she borrowed from me ironically) to sew a romper for her daughter. She ended up giving me the project when she forgot to make an adjustment her daughter needed. I sewed it up, but will need to adjust the bodice to make it smaller. Super cute, hope to get it reworked by spring. (It has pockets!)
There ya have it readers. Hope you enjoyed this.
I did not think I got much done this year in terms of sewing, but looking back, I am happy with what I made. More than that though, I am glad I branched out and worked with fabrics I previously did not touch. Sewing sheer ribbon on Lisa's veil, hemming Em's chiffon dress, and using stretch sequin, all made my skill-set grow a bit.
What is your favorite project?
Let me know!


  1. Oh! Those are all so gorgeous Lexi! I think my favorite is the Civil War dress.

  2. Your India Dress is SO cute!! And that T-shirt quilt is really cool. What a special gift to give to your sister. :)

    Your Civil War dress is amazing! I'd say you've been pretty busy this year in regards to sewing! Nice job all around. And this post was very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. T-shirt quilt! So nice to see yours. I'm "attempting" my first ever t-shirt quilt with the help of a friend. It's a lot of work! I'll try to post up a pic if I ever get it finished :-)