Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Day

Happy 2017 Readers,
Today I share the dress I made in honor of the New Year.
It is made from stretch sequin, and is a simple pull-over style.
I also pause to share some reflections
Last night I did not really wear this dress. Instead I watched Dr. Who in the evening with my friend Marie and her kids, and then read and prayed before the clock struck midnight.
My parents came in my room at midnight with glasses of cider and we toasted 2017, in a quiet sort of way. 
This morning we went to church and heard a challenging sermon, and now I recline in my room, typing this out.

When I look back at 2016, I feel slightly exhausted.
I do not have the lists of words, ideas, or things I want to change about myself or others the way I had last year. 
In some ways, I feel a little lost without my normal drive to keep advancing. 
Instead, I am trying to not think far ahead, but trust in God's guidance. 
I do not say this in a"oh well, live and let live", sort of way, but in a "I don't know anymore, but I trust God does." way. 

I think I shared at the beginning of 2016 that I felt God was giving me this year to undergo a sort of trial. That 2016 was a sort of 'prep' year for what I had to encounter next.
 That was so nice to know ahead of time, to prepare myself for trials.
I confess though, the trials I went through were not of the kind I expected. 
I feel grateful for the past year. I had such nice experiences, and spent time with lovely people. But I lacked some much needed peace of mind.

I do not even pretend to know what this year has in store. In some ways I do not have a desire to know! But Praise God who takes care of His children, even when we are tired. 

Much love to you all!
I am going to take an afternoon nap and read. 
(And maybe polish off the sparkling cider!)
Happy New Years!

Remember to not look back in a way that hinders you entering the future.


  1. Your dress is fun and I have a definite weakness for silver shoes! ;) Fun! I'm glad that you are learning to rest in the Lord and pray that you will find more peace in him this new year. :)

  2. Ahhh that dress is so pretty! I always enjoy reading your posts, Lexi! Happy 2017 to you. May the Lord bless you out of your socks.

  3. Your New Years dress is so cute. :)

    "But Praise God who takes care of His children, even when we are tired." Amen. He is so good!

    Happy 2017, Lexi! I hope this year proves to be a wonderful one for you!

    ~Miss March

  4. Really love your dress!
    Looks very good on you!