Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Ballet Folklorico Skirt

 I love Mexican folk dance, Ballet Folklorico, and one of the reasons is because the costumes are so colorful.
I needed a practice skirt, and after making a test skirt, I sewed up this beauty.
 "What components," you may ask, "comprise a folklorico skirt?"
Good question.
In many forms of folklorico, you need a super wide skirt that can essentially reach over your head.
This is because we do lots of intricate skirt work.
Dramatic pose to illustrate point...
My skirt is made up of two complete circle skirts, with an approx.1000 inch wide strip that was ruffled onto the bottom. Each strip of ribbon decoration is about 28 yards long. Usually practice skirts are not decorated, but this is me we are talking about. In prepping for this project I ordered 200 yards of ribbon online. (I only spent about $30, so I was really pleased!)

There are two separate waistbands for this skirt, a front and back, with ties at each end.

First, step into skirt and bring the back waistband ties around and tie in front.,

Next, bring the front band around...

...and tie.

There you go!
I hope you enjoyed this!
I really enjoyed making this skirt, and was pleased with the result.

Much love to you all,

P.S. Have you ever done a form of dance? What did you do?


  1. I LOVE IT! Wow. The colors are simply scrumptious!! It's beautiful, Lexi! :D

  2. It looks so pretty and fun to twirl in! When you say it is made out of two complete circle does that work, exactly? It looks as though it is made of one circle with a very gathered waist. I'm always looking for ways to make skirts full. ;)

    1. Hey Skyeler, good question! Each waistband, holds one entire circle skirt. The side seams are where the two circles are joined. So each circle is my full waist measurement, gathered down to half size. So the front waist band holds an entire circle, and the back does as well. Hope that makes sense!