Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Style Snaps + Sewing

 Hello all,
 I have another collection of daily outfits to share-this time taken over the span of a month. These are in no real order, but you can see that we have been thrown through a loop as far as weather goes. It has felt both like June and January in a very short amount of time. Enjoy!
1. Opal

2. Lazy Days

3. Reminisce
4. Tribal on Wednesdays
5. Elephant Romper
~Made by me from a shawl from Tanzania
The fabric and pattern base
Here is an in-progress view.
Super comfy and cool for sleep and play wear;)
Which leads me to the fact that I got a new dress form.
The reason this is such big news is because it was a direct answer to many months of prayer.
My other form, (R.I.P. Maria, you served me well) was laid to rest after complications with hip-dysplasia, and in her wake I refused to pay $150+ for a replacement. I believe God honors frugality, and with some help from my thrifty boss, we found this girl second-hand.


 The moral of this tale is that God cares about the small stuff, and waiting for a good deal pays off.
It also goes to show that when we can't find a bargain, recruit friends to help. I think I have the only boss in the world who would not only find me a dress form, but also go and pick it up too. How incredible is that? I was blown away.
P.S. What was your favorite outfit?

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  1. It is so true, God does care about the little things, and I love seeing Him come through and provided for the simple things that bring us joy. If you had simply gone and bought one, the joy and thankfulness would hardly have been present compared to this incredibly fun way God provided! I love it! :D

    I also am so in love with that romper pattern, and you made it from a shawl?? Definitely going to want to check that out. I'm itching to pull my machine out again (I say this regularly...) You have such a knack for making things. I always especially love looking at your historical dresses (always in need of inspiration for fixing mine up the "right" way.) ;)