Sunday, April 30, 2017

Style Snaps//3


 Hello friends,
Here is an outfit round-up for you all.
My days have been super filled-up at work, but I am pleased to have gathered enough pictures over the last month to make a post.
Have a beautiful day, enjoy!
1. Polka Dots and Chocolate Milk
 2. Color Pop Monday

3. Heat-Wave
 (aka as 'Time to Shave the Dog and Ditch the Sweater")

4. On the Fringe

5. Blush

 6. Rainy Day Coat

Looking at these pictures it is easy to see I have a color-theme going of navy and corals.
What can I say?  My wardrobe is not terribly diverse.
However, I hope it is fun to look at and a bit creative.
What was your favorite outfit?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fun Stuff Girl

Do you know what's fun?
Fun stuff is fun.
That's what's fun.
When I think about fun, I think of things like...
..... my dogs all curled up on my bed after hours of running wild,

......the flowers I bought to make an Easter wreath with,
which are still brightening up my sewing room...waiting,

......remaking old clothes into fun and comfy summer wear,

BEFORE                                            AFTER

.....My mom wearing ears-(it was a sorta collab between me and a little girl at church) Wait--doesn't your Sunday School class wear cat ears every week? How is this not normal?

.......Colorful headpieces,

.....Turning an old two piece swimsuit into a one piece (because I don't like shelling out money for swimwear that's going to be covered up with anyway)  Plus, I love orange-so why waste!?

But mostly, when I think of fun, I think of the Triple Chocolate Nutella Cupcakes with a Lava Center, which I made for my dad's birthday. 
Now that's fun stuff my girl.
I could also mention things like quiet Easter Sundays, going to baseball games with some kids, getting new glasses, and squeezing fresh orange juice, but really, that might be a little too much.
Much love,