Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fun Stuff Girl

Do you know what's fun?
Fun stuff is fun.
That's what's fun.
When I think about fun, I think of things like...
..... my dogs all curled up on my bed after hours of running wild,

......the flowers I bought to make an Easter wreath with,
which are still brightening up my sewing room...waiting,

......remaking old clothes into fun and comfy summer wear,

BEFORE                                            AFTER

.....My mom wearing ears-(it was a sorta collab between me and a little girl at church) Wait--doesn't your Sunday School class wear cat ears every week? How is this not normal?

.......Colorful headpieces,

.....Turning an old two piece swimsuit into a one piece (because I don't like shelling out money for swimwear that's going to be covered up with anyway)  Plus, I love orange-so why waste!?

But mostly, when I think of fun, I think of the Triple Chocolate Nutella Cupcakes with a Lava Center, which I made for my dad's birthday. 
Now that's fun stuff my girl.
I could also mention things like quiet Easter Sundays, going to baseball games with some kids, getting new glasses, and squeezing fresh orange juice, but really, that might be a little too much.
Much love,


  1. Fun stuff indeed! My personal favorites are your sweet doggies and those CUPCAKES! Cupcakes aren't usually my thing, but I might make an exception for those.
    Hope your weekend is fabulous!

  2. :D Just a big smile. Because this post was so happy and fun!! (And those cupcakes look delicious! ;))

  3. Love love love the orange-patterned swimming costume. It's such a creative and interesting idea to make a two piece into one! I think I may just get sewing!