Sunday, April 30, 2017

Style Snaps//3


 Hello friends,
Here is an outfit round-up for you all.
My days have been super filled-up at work, but I am pleased to have gathered enough pictures over the last month to make a post.
Have a beautiful day, enjoy!
1. Polka Dots and Chocolate Milk
 2. Color Pop Monday

3. Heat-Wave
 (aka as 'Time to Shave the Dog and Ditch the Sweater")

4. On the Fringe

5. Blush

 6. Rainy Day Coat

Looking at these pictures it is easy to see I have a color-theme going of navy and corals.
What can I say?  My wardrobe is not terribly diverse.
However, I hope it is fun to look at and a bit creative.
What was your favorite outfit?


  1. Goodness! Your outfits are all so cute. I love these kind of posts. :D

    The first three outfits are my favorites. I love polka dots; and the light blues and pinks in your second outfit are soooo pretty; and finally your "heat-wave" outfit is just ridiculously cute!! <3

  2. Fun looks! Color Pop Monday is my favorite. I like all your florals. :D

  3. Ooh! Nice fringe purse and pink top :)