Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cinco De Mayo Outfit 2017


Hola mis amigos! 
Hope you all are well. Today I share one of my favorite outfit posts of the whole year.
Yes, indeed, my Cinco de Mayo outfit. I think I have turned this nominal holiday into something it is typically  not. While in Mexico this day is actually not such a big deal, in the U.S.A it's a sort of heritage and culture day. Many adults I know just use it as an excuse to party. I use it as an excuse to wear colorful headpieces. Like last year, I wore my outfit to work and it was super fun. My mom and I even went out for tacos and the drive through guy seemed to like it as well. (I don't know for sure 'cause he just kept staring at my hair lol) 

This year I squeezed in enough time to make my outfit. I kept it simple with a loose blouse and headpiece.
 My fabulous boss (yes, the one who found me my dressform) gave me the fabric which came in as a donation at work. It was a small piece of old textile with gorgeous embroidery. I added ribbons on top to match my headpiece. I still do not have any idea how old the fabric is or where it was made.
 Look how pretty...
 The headpiece I actually made earlier in the year as a test project. It is made from brown yarn, ribbon, elastic...and of course a butterfly. 
The headpiece slips over my bun (I used a bun donut, like I do for dance). You can see how nice it looks.
I did put my headpeice on a bit crooked though. ;) I think the ribbons made up for it.

Anyways, take care! Love you all!
Olaf and Lexi
Look how cute he is!

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