Friday, June 9, 2017

Style Snaps//4

 Hello friends, hope you are well. You all seem to like my style snap series, so here is an extra big collection today. I am loving the warm weather. Enjoy!
1. A Taste for Lace
2. Call me Coral

3. Owl Always Love You

4. "Swing" Me a Tune

5. Lady-like

6. Reality Check
 (I do own workout clothes...)

7. Flower Child

 Tell me what you think, which was your favorite?



  1. Pretty collection! One can definitely see your favorite colors and patterns. ;) I think 5 and 7 are my faves.

  2. HI Lexi!

    You have some pretty clothes. My favorite is probably the white lace dress in the last picture. I like the other dresses, but they're a little too short for me.