Meet Lexi

(Picture taken June 2015)

Hey you!
I am honored you stopped by!

 I am a twenty-something blogger who has had a small space on the internet since my early teens, but have claimed this particular blog since I was 16. This blog has changed and grown, morphed and blossomed much since then! It is my prediction, it will continue to do so.

(Outfit from 2016)
I post about historical sewing, classy outfits, my fondness for tea .....
(Table setting from a Jane Austen Tea my church held in early 2015)

However you will also find deeper posts about my faith and personal growth. Prayer, bible-study, my church and immediate family make up a huge part of my life.
(Bible cover made sometime between 2013-2014)

I am surrounded by some great friends and am blessed with a large, extensive family.
We are big, loud and find any excuse to hold a cook-out or go to dinner....

I am a lover of beautiful things and hot cups of tea.
I adore classic poetry, fluffy dogs and audio sermons.
My favorite book and film is Jane Eyre. 
I am redeemed by the Grace of God. 
I prefer something old rather than something new. 
(A bowl of cherries displayed in thrifted stonewear)
I am learning, reaching and growing everyday.
I do not like to stand still.
I seek above all else to run my race well.

This blog has seen many major turning points. In February of 2014 I lost my first rescue dog Molly. 
In April 2014 I adopted my handsome fellow, Olaf. 
You will see much of his fluffy face.....

My favorite era used to be the Regency Era. I started out making Regency outfits and have read all of Jane Austen books.  I will always love this era for sure.
(Regency poster from England trip 2013)
As 4-5 years ago, I developed a deep interest in the Civil War. I enjoy not only learning about civilian life, but also about battles and generals.
I love attending historical events, traveling to battle sites and reading boring history books that are several inches thick.

I danced at a local folk dance studio as a child, and then quit for 10 years. As of January 2014, I started dancing again. This was such a wonderful thing, and I am happier and healthier than I ever have been before!
I dance Traditional Mexican Folk, or Ballet Folklorico.

(Folklorico Outfit I made winter of 2015)

I hope you stick around and enjoy reading my blog!
I always love comments too.

Blessings and much love,


  1. Hi Lexi! Its Odessa, your old sewing student. I found this blog online and I love it. I also found your you tube channel and have been watching a lot of your videos.


  2. So great to learn more about you Lexi! You have such a cute little blog! I am Allie and I have quite a few blogs, one of my links (that is below) is a blog designing business, I'd love it if you could check it out and if you're interested in me designing your blog, just fill out one of my forms...Thank you! :)

    Allie D.

  3. Hi Lexi :)
    I love the hats, are they real? Like from that time period?
    Over at my blog I've tagged you in a link up if you're interested :)
    Hugs from Hayley xx

    1. Hey Hayley, Thanks for stopping by! He, he, those hat are not real, they are just cheap knock-offs from the web. But I am mighty proud of them for sure.

  4. Just found your blog and it's delightful! :D