Friday, April 15, 2016

Summer Style 1//Flashback Childhood

 "I pray that you, being rooted and firmly established in LOVE, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the length and width, height and depth of God's love and to know the Messiah's love that surpasses knowledge so you may be filled with all the FULLNESS of  GOD."
Eph. 3:17b-19

Confession time. I am learning to say no, to say I can't do it all. That I struggle. 
That others are right.  Yeah. . .
And I can say that to you, but it's hard to say to others in my life.
And that is where I have asked for forgiveness. And ask for Grace. And that's good and right. And it's very  hard.
 And God is God.

Summer Style 1-Flasback Childhood
A little over a week ago, my family went to a thrift store in the evening. I had scouted some stuff earlier that day, and we returned as a unit to make final purchases! 

I had found something, put it back, gone back, caressed it, put it back. 
Finally grabbed it.
I did not know if I'd even end up wearing it.
But I took the risk.
So...a romper from the 1990's. Floral print, zip in back. Baggy shorts.
 I was sooooo proud. Just so happy!
 My sister, who was not part of the unit raid to the thrift store, but still, being part of our unit, eagerly wanted to see our finds. It's a family tradition of sorts-- to show of all your finds. 

I showed her all the stuff I got, except this. 
She knew I was hiding something.
She asked.
I made her PROMISE not to laugh.
She asked "That bad?"

I ran off to try it on for her.

She laughed, bent over on a bench, in laughter!

My parents loved it, our roomey Lisa LOVED it!
Emily loved to laugh at it. 
It was pretty great.
I laughed too.

I love it! So comfy! Since it looks like a dress, but is not, I can do a bunch of kicks and also not worry about the wind blowing my skirt up.
A little geeky?

It even came with a lace embellishments. Come now

It's completely fitted, has a raised bodice with box pleats coming out. It makes for a nicely fitted look on top, with a flowy "skirty" bottom.

Anyways, best $5 I have spent of late. So many memories too.

I hope you all will enjoy seeing some of my summer style in the next few months.

God Bless!

~Yours ever learning and confessing~


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Enchanting Rose Teacup Exchange REVEAL

 Once again Stephanie at the Enchanting Rose has hosted another lovely  exchange!
This was my second teacup exchange, and it was such a blessing. 
I received such an amazing package from Ashleigh! Thank you!  

This turned out to be the first time I decided to actually open the package as I filmed, and I am so glad I did. I hope this will give Ashleigh some idea of how much it meant to me. It is longer than anticipated, so sit tight and you'll see why! Feel free to view it larger on Youtube. =)

I sent a package to Ashley  and had a lot of fun putting it together. There was a large tea-cup, a package of chocolate, one of  coffee, and a homemade infinite scarf.

 Thank you for reading, and many thanks to my two partners. I appreciate you!

Much love,


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Of Daffodils and Lemon Curd


Hello dear ones, how have you been of late? I have been pretty good. I hope you have as well.
This was meant to be a "March in Focus" post, but has turned into a concentration of all things yellow! So please bare with me!

Of late I have been indulging in poetry, a sure sign of springtime in our house, as the springtime means the anniversary of my late grandmother's birthday and death.  It was Nana who made poetry such a huge part of my life. I was given a book of Wordsworth recently and have to say, I adore his stuff.
His "I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud" or "Daffodils" poem is so ethereal. Please take the time to read it. The loveliness is perfect for this time of year! And it also inspires the taking of pictures. So many pictures! I wonder if Wordsworth had any idea what his
poetry would do to future generations? What a thought indeed.  

Aside from the happy news of nature, I had the (sad) approaching end of my Civil War co-op class. Yes, indeed, this year I volunteered to teach a home-school class at a local church co-op. It was really one of the most, if not the most, fulfilling things I did this year. I had a great group of kiddos from 6th grade on up. They worked super hard and we laughed way too much.
For the end, I told them that I was thinking about making the famous "Robert E. Lee Cake".
Well, there was no backing out after that.

I did not realize it is a fairly intense cake to make if you are going for 100% homemade. Not so much difficult as time-consuming. I spread out making the different parts over three days, as my schedule was pretty full that week. I made the curd first and let it refrigerate. I also wanted to bask in the loveliness that is  'curd in china' for as long as I could.
Tell me, is it not a thing of beauty?? Unfortunately it did not last forever, except in this photo...
In it's simplest form, the Robert E. Lee cake consists of a sponge cake with a lemon filling. This recipe popped up a few years after Lee's death in 1870. It became very famous all over the South and is one of the more notable American cakes you can make. There are different ways to make it, but I combined all of them into one, for the full experience.

So, lemon sponge cake, filled with homemade lemon curd, topped with lemon/orange frosting, topped with shredded coconut. Cause when you make the Robert E. Lee cake, you gotta do it right. Besides, I wanted my 'children' to have a full, uncompromised education.  ;)
Here I am on the third day of assembly, my delicate sponges ready for the oven. My mother was on hand to take pictures of the momentous occasion because that is WHAT WE DO. She thanked me later for including her in the 'experience'. Awe!

 Before, after and in-between the batter preparations I was zesting. Yep, zesting is a serious business when you have to flavor curd, batter and frosting.
Very beautiful, lemon and orange!
When it was all said and done, the coconut sprinkled on and the frosting adjusted, this is what we had.
Anyways, it tasted wonderful and the memories were worth more than the actual cake.
It's a great cake for spring and look fabulous with daffies.
(And Olaf recommends reading some Wordsworth while you eat a slice)
Just to be safe!
Anyhootle, HAPPY APRIL!
Much love,
~yours ever trying to laugh~


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Garland Prayer

 Praise the Lord, my only boast,
May His Spirit be like a garland on my head,
Breathing into my heart a compassion and tenderness hitherto unknown,
May my lips be full of grace,
 the air I exhale like peace,
My eyes, Lord make them see others,
Fill this vessel with goodness,
Ready to pour out in service,
May Your Spirit be as a garland on my head.
 ~Amen ~

Copied from my prayer journal

Dear folks, this will indeed be my Easter post! Tomorrow I will be attending a sunrise service with thousands of Jesus-lovers, going then to my own dear church, and continuing on to our family cookout. My baby cousin, a grandma who just was released from the hospital and friends who will celebrate the RISEN, these are indeed wondrous things. 

I made this crown for Easter, and during a hard and beautiful day  realized that what I want my head to be crowned with is not just mere flowers but with God's grace. I have such a long way to go, but I trust that out God is not only strong enough to save us, but to refine us into who we must become.
Oh the comfort of being in His hands!

Much love and blessings to you,


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Get to Know Me -A Tag

The lovely Paige over at Sunday Best and All the Rest tagged me, and I am sitting down  now to catch some rest and write it in a blog post!

Today was one of those rare days when you feel every range of emotion from failure, to succes! It is indeed an experience to be human, to feel, to love to think over life. I am never weary of wonderment. Never at a lose for awe. Though my feet get tired, though my mind asks questions, there is always this-eyes to see and wonder. 
How strange we mortals be! 

As this is Holy Thursday, going into Good Friday, the wonderment of Easter fills the mind. Beyond me! So beyond me. Beyond my capability to handle it all, to process it all. 

 I am so happy to be here. Thankful for you bloggers. Thankful for life. There is so much beauty, and as Easter has taught us, there would not be beauty and goodness without the discomforts we face.


Best Friend: I had some wonderful early friends. But going back really far, it would be my imaginary friend, Reeny. He was about 2 inches tall and a mailman. He lived in our tree.
Award: Um! I won a first place ribbon for science fair in first grade! Believe it or not I was public schooled until second grade!
Sport: Dance, ever since my first VHS copy of Riverdance when I was four! Although I have always loved to recreational swim.
Real Holiday: Probably flying to Vermont to visit my cousins at their summer home by the lake. I was four, and this trip remains emblazoned in my memory because I almost drowned during this trip (thank you Nicki for saving me!)
Concert: Like actual legit concert? I can't remember if it was SuperChick ( popular Christian pop/rock band in the early 2000's) or Newsboys. One of the two.


Jane Eyre, but YOU already know that!
TV Show: Currently I am obsessed with The Great British Baking Show. Really bad thing to watch, it will make you jump up, halt life, and bake biscuits! (Just ask my MOTHER--who, granted, has yet to complain!)
Color: Really like to wear navy and coral, but am very found of the whole spectrum of oranges, yellows and peach hues.
Song: I love "Manifesto" by The City Harmonic. I mean it has the Lord's Prayer in it! How cool is that? Also love Enya's new CD (Dark Sky Island), and Celtic Woman.
Restaurant: It's called "Annie's Soup Kitchen" and it's an old-fashioned lunch place that has sandwiches and the best French Onion soup ever! It is where my mother and I go together, so it's kind of a special place in my heart!
Books: The Collected Poem of William Wordsworth

Feeling: Amazed! A lot has happened today!
Single or Taken? Single. Haven't minded it so far.
 Eating: On our way to go out to dinner!
Watching: My fam watched a movie called "Tracks" about a girl who walked 2,000 miles across Australia with four camels in the 1970's.
 Wearing: One of my homemade dresses and pink cardigan.


Want Children? Yes! I  have a couple names picked out.
Want to be Married? Yes, of course.
Careers in Mind: Just keep doing my sewing thing. I love the theater I work at part time.
Where do you want to live? Here in my hometown. Never been one for wanting to leave where my family is. But, God knows best.

Do You Believe In:

God: I would hope that is apparent!
Miracles: Yes!
Love at first sight: Good question. (Paige worded this so perfectly, my thinking is similar to hers) There is a physical attraction that can happen almost instantly. And if you don't think that, just wait till it happens to you, or take other people's word for it! God can use that. However we all know way more is required. I do know for a fact that you can be attracted to somebody and not pursue anything because you have standards. That is a TRUTH that society doesn't believe very much. But it is possible. 
Ghosts: Holy Ghost? ;) I believe in Him.
Aliens: Little green men? Nah. We have Star Trek for that.
Heaven: It's our hope!
Hell:  Yes.
Kissing on the first date:  I guess I should throw out the "correct" answer of no. However, in some cases, yes. My friend and her (now husband) were very good friends (had been for ages)  before they began dating and I believe they kissed on their second date. So, probably not in most cases, but it can happen with okay results.
Yourself: I'm just thankful right now, and really looking forward to Easter!

My Tags:
I tag you! Please do it if you want to!  



Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Civil War Dress 2016


Battle for Valverde 2016 

Two weekends ago was the reenactment folks! Yes! Tis true, it took me that long to post this!
I had such a lovely time, and though this past week has been hard, I wanted to begin this new week on the right foot. Or, at least, on a happy foot!
I worked on my new plaid dress after work and in between my very crazy February schedule.
February was good, but such a busy (too busy!) month! I sewed the dress in a month, which is usually plenty of time, but it was a stretch for me this time around.
It did not hurt that I had SNAGGED a 9 yard bolt of this plaid last summer for $12!
While madras plaid is not really period correct, it is 100% cotton and when it was sewn up, looks pretty period.
At least, I think so!
 I used a wonderful Laughing Moon pattern. 
(Shown above with the pagoda sleeve option!) 
I recommend this pattern, with the warning that the darts in the bodice are cute really deep! 
There are some "remedies" for this in the package (wink-wink) but I would have just rather cut a size smaller and adjusted the darts to fit better.
The coat sleeves (read more on them here) was the main reason I bought this pattern last summer when I had extra Etsy money.
So worth it!
 I love the curved "straight" sleeves of this period!
 (Coat sleeves, trimmed in black velvet ribbon)

It also came with a pocket for the ages!
I will never sew a dress I plan to wear around the camp grounds without a pocket again! No purse was needed, and I looked very historical without my phone in sight! (Although it was there!)
Anyhootle, we drove down to the small town it was held near on Friday night, rested in our hotel, and spend the entire Saturday participating at the various events! 

Here's my My Mother-dear and I at the battle sight! She is my best friend, love her so much!

We went to eat after that, and here is how I eat nachos in my outfit....
Padre lent me his shirt!

After being outside for the battle (and eating nachos!), we went to an old, historic "opera" house and held our tea/fashion show and then our ball. We call it a "fandango" out here in the west!
Back view of dress and swiss waist belt....
Side view...

The tea was loevly, and I helped host the fashion show this year as well. 
The ball was super LOVELY, and I danced from 6:30-10 pm. Sorry I do not have pictures of my ball-dress, I was in a bit of a rush.
 Of the 6 years I have attended this event,  it was really the best so far! People are gaining interest in it, and we had a great turn out from the non-reenacting community. 

To document this day, I have a simple video to share,
~ever enjoying life~

Monday, February 29, 2016

Lacey Length-A DIY

Hey Folks,
A few days ago I grabbed this cute floral skirt at my local GoodWill thrift store for a few dollars. 

I think it will be great for springtime, but it's a little on the short side. 
I often add lace to the hems of dresses, it is so easy and makes for a cute detail and some added coverage!
This is so simple, it's really not worthy of a tutorial. However I've been meaning to share this method of making skirts longer (and classier!) for awhile. I hope the following will serve more as inspiration to add details to your clothes! It would also be a great first sewing project for people who want to get more comfortable stitching.

So, go thrift a cute skirt and get out your sewing machine!
What you need: skirt or dress, sewing machine, pins, scissors, lace trim
1. Pick out some lace trim that goes well with your fabric. I collect lace from thrift shops and various other places, so I had this mint lace in my stash! It is about 2.5 inches wide.

3. Spread your skirt out, measure the hem, and cut a lace strip that is a few inches longer than the hem circumference. You always can trim down what you don't need, it's harder to add on!

3. Find the center back of your skirt and mark it with a pin.
If you don't have a center back seam, press the side seams together and find the back from there. 

4. Starting at the center back, pin the lace around the hem. 
I placed the straight edge of my lace on top of my hem, but you could place your lace trim under the hem edge as well. You may have overhang lace when you reach the end, I recommend not trimming that quite yet.
NOTE: If your skirt is lined, I would recommend you still attach the lace onto the top layer. The reason being, sometimes linings are cut narrower than the main skirt and the lace will hang better when it is as full as the top layer. 

5. Select a zig-zag stitch on your machine. I like a longer zig zag, that is not too wide. Zig zags are great for attaching trims onto garments. 

6. Starting at the center back, stitch close to edge.

7. At the end, trim down excess lace, but leave about 1/2 an inch to turn under, overlapping the raw edge of the starting edge. 

8. Pivot, and stitch down the overlapping lace edges.

9. Trim all your threads and enjoy! 
Sometimes I will layer different laces on top of each other for longer looks.  You can add darker and lighter laces together, just play around and have fun. 

Here is another example of a lace hem I've done (this one added a good 3-4 inches!):

Here is how everything looked when I put together my outfit for today! Not bad for a thrifted skirt and some vintage lace!

Much love to you,
~Yours Ever Sewing~

Images by Freepik