Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beautiful Easter

 He Lived,
 He Loved,

  He Suffered,
He Died,

He Rose in Three Days,

My Jesus Lives!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Civil War Reenactment & Outfit Post

 (It was a cold, windswept day, late one February Morning at the Northern camp on site at the 2015 Battle for Valverde Reenactment)

 Battle for Valverde 
2015 reenactment
 Once again we attended the reenactment "Battle for Valverde", one of two battles which took place in NM, the western most campaign of the Civil War. The original battle took  place February 20-21 1862, just outside Socorro NM.
Our reenactment this year was on the bleak side, as weather throughout NM prevent the entire Southern camp (except for one man!) from making it to the camp site! Wheph! 
The straggling Union camp made it, only to camp in negative temperatures all night! 
In the morning, we, unfortunately, had no battle, but we did have an awesome cannon demo and toured the Northern campsite a bit.

 The Union side did a great job demo-ing and explaining to a nice crowd which had gathered, despite chilly temperatures.

A group of sweet, collage-age students (mostly girls lol) did a fantastic job actually firing the cannon.

Here I am in front of the cook-fire and tent.

I made a new outfit this year. A sheer Garabaldi bouse and matching skirt along with my plaid apron (which I made earlier last year) and hat.
 The rest of the day went even better. I helped to host our annual Civil War Tea and Fashion Show, where I did my first  1860's fashion demo. I changed into 3 sets of clothing for our tea guest, complete with hoop skirt, bonnets and all the extras.

Also,(for your viewing pleasure!)  here is a video which I filmed before the days events...of me getting dressed for the reenactment! Enjoy!

Much Love,
P.S Have you ever been to any reenactments? Let me know via ca comment!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Easy Peasy Vintage Roll (A Curly Girl Approved Hair Style)

"The more we empty ourselves of us, God will fill us with Himself"

In life, sometimes I can freeze. I can be so scared of moving forward that I do not move at all. I fear leaving the controlled. I fear facing the unknown.
I become paralyzed.
I cannot imagine failing, again. I cannot bear falling, again. I do not want to struggle, any more than I have to now.
And that is when God leans down, off His majestic throne, and whispers close.
"Move, my daughter. If you fail, I will triumph, if you fall, I will pick you up, and when you struggle, I will be your STRENGTH!" 
And he smiles at me, in that loving, gracious way.
I take a deep breathe, and walk forward.
Into the unknown, yes. But into the beautiful, I am sure.

 Today I have a hairstyle to share with you all that works for my hair (curly curly curly!) and on other types of hair as well. Normally, I fail at hair. Having curly hair is a blessing and a curse (so to speak)  because it can be so hard to manage and a lot of hairstyles and products do not work on my curly, textured hair. But the "ah-ha!" moment came went I tried this style! I like it because it is old fashion and really elegant and classy.
 Easy Peasy Vintage Roll
*Suitable for mid-long hair lengths of all types*
 This "do" is super easy and you will need only two main tools, plus your favorite brush or comb.(Note: I have to wash/wet my hair and put gel or mousse in it every morning, and I do all that before I attempt this style, or any other).....

 You will need this awesome Conair Classiv Vintage Roll available at Walgreens for about $6, and extra bobby pins.  The Conair roll comes with a few bobby pins, but I suggest extras.

 I am going to show you how I do this hairstyle, which is a little different from the package directions, but it is wonderful because it hides the clear elastic that is attached to the roll.

1. First, separate a bit of front hair, like so. Keep it free, hanging in front of your face, for the next two steps.

 2. Then, you are going to place the sausage roll on the back of your head, the clear elastic sitting on your crown, the sausage sitting on the nape of your neck. 

3. Fasten bobby pins over the clear elastic to keep the elastic from sliding down.

4. Next, bring your loose hair forward and pin it in place over the elastic, so you have a small "bump" style.
 Like so. (notice the sausage roll in the back...)

5. This is the time when you can start winding your hair back, and slip it, once small chunk at a time, over and under the roll. I recommend starting from one side to the other, or working the first side a bit, then the second side a bit, and finishing with the middle. Thin haired gals, be careful to distribute evenly. Curly gals, it is okay to have small curls pop out, in fact, it looks super cute that way.

Use your fingers to push the hair way down and around the roll. 
Like so....I like using both hands for the final piece of hair.

6. The final step is to anchor your roll with LOTS of bobby pins. 

You are done!

The only thing left is to adorn your head, if you want to. I wear this style so often, I like to jazz it up a bit.
With a scarf:

Or some flowers:

Hope you enjoyed this! Please comment below with your favorite hairstyles!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Hint of Spring

"The MIRACLE is not the life you think you've missed, the miracle is the 
Sometimes, in life, we get down. We see the world for what it could have been, ought have been, might have been. We are so distraught and broken, that our eyes fail to see what life is...a  BLESSING. 

My dream was to go to collage. To get a degree. To prove something to myself and to others. But my health will not allow it at this time. I fought. I still fight. I struggled, I still struggle.

But I have found the principle of all things, all circumstances. 
When I am sad, I force myself to praise God. Praise Him, even Thank Him, when it hurts the most.
When what might have been, is not. When where I am, is.

And I smile.
Because I am...
Beyond words and reasons.
And I know that hope is always there.
But for now,
Thank you, Thank you...

~*~*~ *~
Today I have an outfit post to share.

While the east coast is enveloped in unusually frigid temperatures,  NM is having a grand 'ol time, with sun and the occasional no sweater day.

Today I was in the mood for Spring. So was Olaf. Sweet boy!

The sun warmed my cheeks. It was grand.

 My mom is learning how to use my camera Alistair,  and was having such fun experimenting. You are awesome Mom!

Almost everything I own is either made by me or thifted. Today is no exception.
One of my favprite colors is coral pink or peach.
Needless to say, one of my favorite flavors is peach. Yum!
But, I digress.....
This sweater and pants are both thrifted. The pants were a score, all beaded and decorated! A one of a kind find for sure.

My hair was up and I have a scarf I made from a beautiful length of lace I was given. Just a hem and it was good to go. I tied it under my up-do.

 My  bag pack is the one I made a while back. It was made with all my favorite bright cottons from the fabric store...okay not true, I have many favorite cottons! But it simply was not possible to incorporate all of them into this bag, so it was made with my top three.

Anywho, we had a great day.
My handsome boy and I. Enjoying our Hint of Spring!

Please comment if you liked this. How is your weather lately? 

xoxo Lexi

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Spiritual Journey....

"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things...."
1 Corinthians 13:11

I have always been a very sincere Christian. I was saved at the VERY young age of 4 years old. Some people have doubted that I really became saved so young, but I have never doubted it, and my family can testify to the fact that I was sincere and took the commitment seriously. 
I am also of a sensitive nature, and have always felt a deep draw to the Lord, and to be a decent Christian.

But we all learn and grow, and change as we come into adulthood.
For myself, I was always so convinced of an angry God, of never measuring up.
I felt I had to perform in order to measure up.
The Love of Christ, seemed distant, vague.

I heard, and believed, all my life of Jesus being gracious and loving. Saving us through His death, not of our own works. But still, I felt I needed to perform. I strived to be the best I could be. But I always ended feeling dry and exhausted.
I don't think my child and teen self realized this, but I lived my walk of faith through fear.

I have never discussed this before, partly because of the extreme shame I have attached to it, but I have very, very bad General Anxiety Disorder, along with depression. I was even hospitalized as a young child and have had some PTSD over that experience.
I went through some horrific times as a kid that I shudder to think about now.
I have had to go through therapy just to learn to cope with the nervousness I deal with every moment of my life.
As a result, I have always felt broken.

I have felt so very distant from the Loving God, I always knew about. Always believed in.

Then, my pastor started talking to me, about 6 months ago, about surrender.
What had I to surrender? 
I was a believer. I was not an addict or criminal. I lived a good life.
But, I realized, surrender still applied to my strongholds. In my mind. I was trying to control my life. I was holding back from God.

I needed to be set free from me.

I surrendered. Daily. Every day. Every hour when need be.
I surrendered my fears. I surrendered my brokenness.
Instead of telling God I would do better and make Him proud, I asked him to take myself away, and give me His strength. 

Then one day, I felt the break through. 
I am sooooo very happy. I feel so close to the loving God I always knew, but never felt, was there.
I can't tell you how much surrendering my feelings and fears has TRANSFORMED my walk with me dear, Abba Father.

Praise the God of the world! 
Who takes our cares and problem and gives us freedom in exchange!

I am proud to call myself a child of the one true King!

So that is just a bit of the transformation that has been happening in my life of late.

My friends, always remember, that is our bitterest of struggles, God's love is there to carry us through!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Beginings

Well friends, I deleted me blog.
Yes, for an entire month and 10 days.
Maybe some of you noticed?

Anyways, it did not last long. I will admit, I probably always will be a blogger.
But I need a change, probably because I have changed.
Probably because this blog needs a change.

So please hold on.
Bear with me.
I appreciate those who read this blog!
Thanks and God Bless!

Love, Lexi

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014


Dear Friends, 
Much love to you and many well wishes to you.
From Olaf and myself, Merry Christmas!
May your 2015 be fantastic, full of sweet memories and lots of love.
God Bless You, Everyone!

Olaf and Lexi

Images by Freepik