Thursday, June 25, 2015

Vintage Outfit-I See Bubbles

"The cottons woods released their glorious tufts, which floated down like bubbles!"
-My thought this afternoon when I was wearing very cloudy glasses....

 Howdy dear readers! How are you all doing? I would really love to know, so PLEASE leave me a comment!
 The weather in New Mexico is hotter than hot lately. We were in the 104-111 degree ballpark this Fathers Day weekend. Everyone who's AC is not up in runnin' is SCRAMBLING for cool air! 
I met some friends for coffee and got to wear my latest thrift store score, a vintage dress set.
I bought it for $8! Wow! Praise God for good deals! 
I think this set is from the 70's. It is definitely vintage of some sort. The tag has been cut out, but I can see the stub so I know it was store bought rather than homemade.
 It is polyester, but not a stuffy, weird kind. It felt very cool and breezy today. It has a dress with fitted waist, that could almost be 1960's I think. 
A matching self-fabric belt and a sheer jacket. It fits like a glove, not too tight, not too loose. So I can easily dance and groove in it!
Has a center skirt seam in the front and tiny pleats on each front side, laying flat in front.
There is a bitty tape sewn on the inside to keep the waist from stretching. I did hem it about 4 inches to a better length for me.  

 Hope you enjoyed this post! Send me your thoughts on this outfit!
xoxo Lexi

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sewing Post-Jane Austen Dress

"I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve"
Jane Austen

I find myself being the happiest I have ever been in my life. I really am too blessed to describe. My church family, my intimate family, my health--all these things are so sweet and wonderful right now. Things are just so nice, and I must remind myself to not let these things pass without whispering, no, shouting gratitude as they pass. 
Gratitude to the Lord.
For renewing and restoring so many things.
I am so thankful to be alive.

And I am conscience of the fact that many people in the world are not. 
If you are one of those...I must say, that with Jesus, things will get better. Hang on. Pray on. Cling on. Stay in church. Drink lots of tea. Find a rigorous excersize routine if you are well enough. And pour everything to God.
Have faith.

If you are not a believer....FIND JESUS. ASAP.

Then go to church drink lots of tea etc. etc.
Sounds silly. Sounds like a load of nonesense. If you don't like tea, switch to coffee, but seriously people. Jesus+Church+Tea=Hope.
 You are loved. You are redeemed. You are chosen.
Grace and Mercy await you at the foot of the cross. 
Crawl, run, dance or limp your way there. To Jesus.
To your Jesus. 

I felt like sewing Regency. So, that is what I did. I haven't sewn Regency since last August so it was time. 
I won't talk a lot here. You can look at the pictures for yourself. Blue dotted dress, fichu scarf, bonnet and  " wah la". Austen Land.


 Fare Thee Well friends! Please comment if you like this post! What do you think of the dress?
Much Love, 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Outfit Post-Lacy Cinderella

"Bind us together Lord, Bind us together, with cords that cannot be broken, Bind us together Lord, Bind us together with Love" 

There is really nothing like the joy of a Marriage!

 Just kidding! My parents did not get married on Saturday, but my cousin did!


The whole family had a great time! Faith and fellowship.....

some silliness...

And heaps of affection!


Back at Kohls a few months ago when the new "Cinderella" was just coming out in theatres, they had a line of Cinderella inspired clothes in the childrens, juniors and ladies department. I was able to purchase a blue lace dress for this wedding on discount. 
It is light and lacy, has a row of tulle on the hem, and is my new favorite dress.

 I am very thankful for it as I don't buy new clothes a lot!
You can see a little of my shoes, above, they are lace and metallic loafers, but the wedding grounds were COVERED in mulberries ad everyone's shoes were stained! That my friends is why oxyclean was invented!

I wore a lace over jacket for a little more modesty around my shoulders. I also put my hair up in my vintage roll.

My hair was adorned in a flower headband. I also found a pearl silver necklace at a thrift store.

 I felt very fairy-tale-ish! I sure hope my cousin did too!
Best wishes Meghan!
Praise God for such a memorable day!

I hope you like my outfit. It was a lovely day with sunshine, masses of family and mexican food!
Blessings to all my dear readers!
Have you ever worn a fairy tale inspired outfit?


Sunday, May 17, 2015

What I Made-Peachy Keen

"I walk, I run, I fall down, meanwhile I keep dancing"
Because everyone needs to dance through life more!
 Hello dears!
Well! I have been super busy sewing for myself and for others!
I made a summer dress for myself!
I did not necessarily need one, but sometimes I simply need to sew to stay alive. 
Its a basic staple of life. 
This was so much fun, and I loved the bright print I picked out! 
I am sorta a bright print person!
Some of my friends told me they would have a hard time pulling off the peach and yellow flowers but that I should go for it. I started to worry weather these colors were too much. But nope. They all fit right into place once the outfit was sewn.
I think the print looked a lot more daunting when it was 3 1/2 yards spread out on my cutting table.
I heard it a lot when I wore the dress for the first time. How "Orange doesn't look good on me, but I love your dress!" (the peachy color is quite a bit more orange in real life than these pictures show) It excites me when people who would not necessarily wear things that are my style, still really appreciate the garment and the work I put into making it. It shows me I haven't dived off the deep end with my tastes.

I really wanted a dress with a contrast yoke.
This yoke has a center inverted pleat detail!
 I have been getting into using contrasting colors on my sewing projects. I used to concentrate more on my sewing and technique rather than my fabric choices, but have learned that truly....fabric and colors matter! The overall effect of every element affects a garment's turnout!

The dress has a mutli paneled bodice, almost like a corset bodice, which is attched to the yoke on top, and a 3/4 circle skirt on the bottom. The skirt has pockets on either side...a must!
 All these many years sewing, and I have avoided stretchy fabrics like the plague. EEEK! Run!
Now, I am learning to embrace them. They are fun, and add a modern look to your garments in a way floral cotton does not, although I will always be a sucker for floral cotton!The pattern I used was Simplicity 1687, and then I wacked and chopped and did my own thing.
Because I am a pattern...
Don't be fooled by the cute face. If you are a pattern, beware!
 Ok now. Sorry about that! Back to the dress...
It turned out well and the only bit that is lined in the yoke, which was a thin 4 way stretch fabric compared to my 2 way thicker stretch fabric.
 I got the material at Hancocks by the way. They were in the sale aisle. Yeah!
 The back is a cool v-shaped yoke. I did not want to sew the zip through that thin fabric, so this option on the pattern was REALLY handy. Sometimes in sewing, your design revolves on what works best for your fabric. Sometimes, your fabric revolves on your design. In my case I chose the fabric before the design so the fabric dictated the pattern. Does that make sense?
 In the end, I feel like my days of using stretchy fabric have only just begun. The adventures of sewing will never end!

I hope you enjoyed this dress.
Tell me if you like peach or if your prefer other colors? Do you like clothes with contrast?


Sunday, May 10, 2015

What I Sewed-Collars and Roses

"Summertime, roses, sunshine and...oh yes, Mothers!"
Today is that 'ol glorious Mother's Day! 
For some however, it is not quite the happy day it should be. For some it brings bad memories and for others thoughts of what might have been, could have been. Some are estranged from their mothers, others are estranged from their children, and still others wish they could have been mothers. Some have lost children, both unborn and older children, but all the same, children. 
Some, like my mother, miss their mother who has long since passed away. This day is bittersweet.
So we must love and rejoice when we can. And grieve when we must. Pray long and hard for mothers. And long and hard for the motherless.
With all our experiences, Mothers Day can be so very different. Happy. Sad. Emotionally in-between.
But, to you mothers out there, and to my own mother, I must say....
Thank You!
For your sacrifice, for your faith. Your courage to bring us up. 
Much love to you today. Love to you if you are hurting, or joyful.
I love you.

Recently I got the urge to sew a non-costume garment. I had some credit at Hancocks from a recent exchange and decided to set off on a project! I love to sew my own clothes. I like to wear my own work. Its satisfying. There is about it. Anyways...please enjoy!

I made a collared blouse and separate skirt. I used these two patterns:

The skirt is lined with matching fabric, and instead of having a short lining, the top skirt is short and the lining is long for contrast!I just switched one of the views on the pattern to where the lining piece was cut longer and the outer piece shorter. Really simple.

The shirt has a highly stabilized collar (since it was stretchy fabric!) and a pleated neckline. I love this blouse pattern! A new fav! I cut the pattern out several sizes smaller than I would normally wear, because I knew the pattern was cut very big. It helps to whack a size or two off and then it fits great! Still roomy, but not huge!
The back of the blouse closes with a loop and button.

Its a comfy outfit and I feel very much myself in it. 
Praise God for the time and materials to sew! I know its a privilege.I am so very thankful for sewing and for all the beauty in my life!

Hope you enjoyed my new spring outfit! 
What have you all been sewing, or planning to sew, for summer?
Whats some beauty that's been present in your life lately?

Much Love,
Lexi and Olaf!
(My boy has his own style lol)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

April In Focus

And for today's quote.....

 Hello friends *waves really hard*

And by friends I mean you! Anyone reading this!
 April seems to have floated away before I could quite grasp it in both hands!
SOOOOOOOO much has happened, so many lovely things!
I have tried to caprture the moments, but so many floated by before I could click the shutter! Here is to a beautiful, whirling month. To God be the Glory!

 1. Our church hosted a Jane Austen Tea Party...we worked so hard, making decorations, putting raffle basket together, preparing food! It was such a blessing!

 2. Surprisingly, got some personal sewing done despite work and so much craziness!
Made a new silk Civil War skirt and a floral and coral summer outfit, plus finished my first (red, black and white!) Folklorico dance costume!

Had to share also a butterfly t-shirt I made for the theatre I work at, I made a dozen or so of these for the kids we work with and tried on the largest size...woosh, I could fly away!

3. Had a civil War tea Party with some friends to commemorate the end of the Civil Way, April 9th!

4. Had passover celebration at church and made some homemade matza
ball soup in the days following becuase I could not get enough at our church
supper! Yum!

 My dear Mommsy also made some DELICIOUS stuffed bell peppers! New fav dish!

5. I *finally* got a C.W union hat to go with my Confederate hat!  Call me crazy people, but I was thrilled! I mounted them proudly in my room!
 My dear Padre proudly wore the Yankee hat and his Gettysburg t-shirt at a local reenactment and I was so happy! Does he not look handsome?

 And, as a last thought, since we are into May, I had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo with my Baile Folklorico (Mexican folk dance) class! We danced at an old folks home!

Much love to you all! Blessing upon you!
I know this is the National Day of Prayer, so I hope everyone is praying for our country!

Please let me know the most exciting thing(s) that happned in your April!

Images by Freepik