Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On the Farm-Lancaster PA Trip

Lancaster County, PA., how beautiful in September you looked
 when I saw you for the first time.
I saw your verdant farm lands, your muddy cow pastures, your vibrant sheep dogs.
And---I remember....

Your tall oaks and tire-swings...

Farmhouses I have never seen....

Sweet children, all with smiling faces....

Old time shops and antique places...

 Cows grazing every which way...

Adventurous horizons calling my name....

Young brown calfs with big, wide eyes...

Adoring children, kitten sighs....

Mischief making, climbing tall....

Hoping "Popcorn" doesn't fall!"

Cherished friends both old...

And new....

Too many cats to know what to do....

Welcoming porches, inviting friends...

Don't worry Lancaster, I'll visit again!

P.S What place have you visited which you want to return to someday?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Oh Gettysbug, Glorious, Gettysburg

 September! Ahh I had so much fun in September! Is it gone already? 
Well then, a little remembering is in order!
I traveled to Pennsylvania at the beginning of September to visit my dear friend Rachel and her family on their farm.. Rachel and I met a year ago on our trip to England. I was so blessed to spend a week with her wonderful family,. And...we took a whole day to Gettysburg, which has always been one of my "must see" places on my bucket list..
 I was so blessed! Had so much fun!
We just took off, exploring the town of Gettysburg ( including 2 hours in Abraham's Lady-the most awesome shop for Civil War sewers!)
and then went to the battlefield.
It was Glorious....
I do not think these pictures need much explaining, so just scroll down and enjoy. 
Gettysburg was just amazing.


Monday, September 29, 2014

September Dance Recital

I remember posting back early this year that I had started dancing again after a 10 year break, and that I was not sure if this new hobby would stick.

 Well, now I chuckle that I even wrote that! Dancing over the last 9 months has brought so much joy into my life, joy that I did not fully realize I was missing..
Lord willing, I will never stop.. Albeit I may get married or have children, albeit I may even get a job with more hours, I hope I can always find a way to dance.. It is a release for me in a very different way than sewing acts as a release.. Sewing acts as a release in a sort of quiet, inner creative way.. Dancing brings more emotion and more action, which has brought very distinct blessings in my life as far as happiness, energy and fitness are concerned.. But also, it brings a peace and a joy too. 
I love to think that King David danced.. That someday I can dance before Jesus in Heaven.. In a very disorderly, less perfect way, I want to dedicate my dancing here on earth to Jesus as well.

 Thank you for bearing with me if you stuck in there with the above blurb..
I needed to share my joy with whoever happens to read this..
A little about the dance I perform.. I do Mexican Folk dance, also know as Baile Folklorico.. I take lessons from a company known as Baila! Baila! which means Dance! Dance! in Spanish.. Mexican Folk dance is not to be confused with Flamenco which comes from Spain.. Mexico has various states and each state has different dances and traditions..  We perform dances from all over Mexico and since I am in the adult intermediate class, we have to perform a lot! Typically, we wear our hair back in buns with yarn braids and ribbon/flower headdresses.. Our outfits are blouse-y style tops and double circle skirts that we can raise over our heads and do skirt work with..  Our foot-work is the hardest and most enjoyable (for me!) part of Baile Folklorico.. We have very complicated footwork, which people who have seen me do in my regular cloths with tennis shoes, say resembles anything from tap to Irish Step-dancing..  I danced folklorico for so many years as a child, and had so much of the footwork drilled into me, I was able to jump back in as an adult with a fair amount or ease.. I constantly thank my patents for putting me in dance as a child, because I could not dance as well now if I had not had the background..  Very early on, they perceived I loved to dance, and I credit them for taking that first initiative.. When I got to my early teens, I struggled with so much anxiety that, although I loved to dance, it became too much for me.. Now as a more calm adult, I started again and enjoy it tenfold more!! It is really so much fun!

Now on to pictures....
  My white and purple lace dress with black fan.
 Black velvet apron...
 My dance class and I performed a dance from the state of Mexico called Veracruz...the dance is called Viva Veracruz.. (It is Viva Veracruz # 1, if you want to know, there is a #2 as well!)
 It is extremely long at about 8-9 minutes! 
During the later half of the dance, we dance with a lit candle on our heads--hands free of course!
No one in our group dropped their candles, so we were all VERY pleased with ourselves.

All I can say is that God is good.. All the time.. My dance class is like family and my instructor is also wonderful as well..
I always must remind myself, when times are hard and my spirits are low, that God is good, and all the time, He is good!

Friday, August 29, 2014

August In Focus

August, where have you gone?
You past so swift as on rushing winds,
You blinded me by your speed,
You awed me by your happiness,

You delighted me with returning friends and family,

And I am still trying to find my feet and recover,
Remembering all the moments, all the gifts,

Trying to piece together all the lessons I have learned,

 Thank You August,

You have come and nearly gone,
Thank You August
Come Again
I am excited and sad to have this month nearly behind me. 
It brought great happiness and gifts, but also wore me out and made me take a break and breathe. 
"Be Still And Know That I Am God", this whispers inside of me. So before I head out with my family to the mountains for a long Labor Day in our cozy cabin, I leave you with memories...

 Sewed a Sari Regency Gown 

Teaching VBS...I was Craft Lady...pretty awesome title

  Completed sewing my first Wedding Dress
 Started to experiment with home-made lotion and body-scrub recipes for Christmas gifts.... 

 Took a trip to the work market to get Boba so i could make my own Boba tea...
And Boba Coffee!

Sewed a Renaissance Princess Costume

 While cutting out said Princess dress, Olaf decided to nap on the fabric.
I rolled him off the fabric, he rolled back became a him!

 Downloaded a free book on Napoleonic Costumes  from the Met Museum....

 My dear Mommsey and I watched "Funny Face" and she found me a book on Audrey Hepburn...
 So inspired by such an iconic lady...

My sister Raven came home from Tanzania and brought me beautiful fabrics...with elephants!
We had a great time before she headed back to College.

 Lastly, enjoyed the sunshine with my darling Olaf