Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sewing a Sheer Shawl

This is my promised sewing post! 
While on vacation, I was able to log in once on the internet at a restaurant and check some fav blogs. While browsing, I saw that Sarah Jane from Romantic History , had made a sheer shawl. I fell in love with her huge, ruffly shawl. 
It just so happened, (By God's blessing!) that while at a Thift Store, I found and old bed ruffle made from a really nice gauzy material. This stuff is super soft- unlike most scratchy bed ruffles. 

So, I started out by determining the size (making it triangular instead of square) with a somewhat narrow ruffle (cut from the original ruffle). Next, I unattached the ruffle from the main material (it was a twin size), cut my triangle, and hemmed it all the way around by hand. Next, the cut-down ruffle was attached to the two sides, as opposed to being all around..

The result was lovely, and I was blessed to have lovely trimmings to decorate with last!
It is a very roomy shawl!
The ruffle has a tine trim along the edge to disguise the naughty fact that I serged the ruffles end!

A very long side!

It points in the back!

Hope you enjoy this!