Friday, March 9, 2012

A Girl By The Sea- A poem

For lack of anything better to post (okay, this is a bit of a lie because I have a BIG doll project underway) I am going to post a poem I wrote about three years back. I am not sure when I wrote it, but now I know I need to date things, especially as poetry only comes upon me occasionally and at random moments. I never like to force myself to write poetry, it always comes out better when it spills forth, unsummoned.
So here it is,

A Girl by the Sea
By Lexi of OldFashionDolls

There's a girl who lives by the sea,
who often cares to sail with me,
She laughs and chatters through the day,
But once at dock goes her way,
I sit and ponder where she's gone,
Don't sea her till the morning's dawn,
I muse and miss her pretty smile,
For hours and hours I'm not but idle,
I dearly want to kiss that cheek,
But daren't even my feelings speak,
Those fair blue eyes will flutter wide,
When I try to be by her side,
A spark ignites and her smile fades,
My face reds and flushes shades,
And after I have let her go,
She runs through port and doesn't slow,
I wish I knew where she does dwell,
For how she makes my spirit swell!
I feel like I'm in such a dream,
When she flashes that smiling beam,
But I can never make her stay,
For once on land she floats away,
I stare after her flowing long dress,
And ask dear God to follow and Bless,
And then I row and sail away,
Until the dawn of very next day.

God Bless everyone! I hope to have a doll post soon!