Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Binding the 1700's Stays...

 Elaine wanted to say hello, before beginning the post on binding the stays. Is she not beautiful?

On to business! This project is slow-I am so sorry to put you all thru this process. Normally these would have been done a week after starting. But, taking time has advantages. Namely being able to share with you the process, or the process I am taking to make these stays.

The boning was done unconventionally, and so has the binding. 
I had a sort of piping trim in my stash, with binding attched, so I am using that. 
First I am attaching the shorter bit of silk ribbon attached to the piping, (it is kind of like double fold bias tape with piping)....

And then I'll turn the other silk ribbon part underneathe, 
like this. 
 But I have a lot of progress to make!

Also, here ae the eyelets coming along. I bought grommets, but decided to go the hand-work route!
Lots of love, Lexi!