Monday, April 15, 2013

The Art of Silhouettes


This past fall I began drawing and studying silhouettes, the art of which was known in times past as the "poor man's portrait" as it was an easy and affordable way to take one's likeness. Silhouettes have faded in popularity in the last 150 years of so, due to availability of the photograph, and now in our age of digital technology, are considered outdated, and are only done sometimes for amusement.
The traditional art, of cutting a person's silhouette freehand with scissors,  seems to slowly be coming back, thanks to such silhouette artists found all over the internet.
Try these wonderful sites to whet your appetite:

For my last birthday, I received this awesome book that shows you how (with practice!) to snip someone silhouette in mere minutes!

I even recieves tiny medical scissors and the ever amazing-pack of black silhouette paper! `
Unfortunately, that is as far as I got before I realized that cutting freehand is NOT for me. 
So away went book, scissors and  parer for several months, until a dear friend had a birthday coming, and I wanted something special.
I decided that drawing an outline and cutting it out is not something to be shamed over. I am a drawer, sketcher, not a cutter. Besides, ever since falling in love with silhouettes, I had been constantly drawing them all the time. My Sunday Sermon notes are literally covered with them-from about July of 2012, until last Sunday!
So, I am getting rather good at drawing silhouettes, often times I will draw the outline and fill it in with ink. 
Not that I can draw anyone person's likeness, just like when I draw my people in costume, they are all made up.
But they look nice and I have fun-so "why not?" I asked myself transfer a sketch onto the white side of the black silhouette paper and have fun that way? It is fun! Yeah-it is not traditional silhouette taking, but I enjoy it.
So....I found two old frames at Goodwill, and cut into my Easter present of new scrapbook paper, used ModgePodge, lace and lots of glue, and here is what came of it!

Girl number one is Elinor Dashwood (My dear friend Miss Marie  named them!)
And girl number two is Marianne.

I had bunches of fun, and am pleased with how they came out!

I think I will do many more silhouettes-just not freehand!